#Scotland’s first female Lord Advocate feared for family’s safety because of internet ‘crazies’ (#conspiracy #news)

anggreighoaxFormer Lord Advocate Dame Elish Angiolini QC gave evidence at the trial of Timothy Rustige, 65, who was convicted of causing fear and alarm to the former prosecutor, who was sent defamatory emails calling her a “satanic woman”.

Rustige (who claims to have worked with CIA whistle-blower Edward Snowden) started a hate campaign against Dame Elish because he claimed that she had covered up a satanic paedophile ring involving high profile figures within the Scottish establishment responsible for abusing a Down’s syndrome woman, Hollie Greig.

During his threatening campaign, Rustige sent highly defamatory emails to Oxford, Aberdeen and Strathclyde universities claiming Dame Elish was a “satanic woman”. During his evidence the former mechanical engineer blamed everyone from his wife, his son – also called Timothy Rustige – to members of a political activist group called Prisoners of Conscience for writing the material.

Other emails claimed she had been directly involved in the murder of the abused girl’s uncle, who was found to have committed suicide.

However, Police Scotland computer analysts linked Rustige’s desktop computer to a number of Hotmail accounts which sent the emails.

The court heard the messages began around the time Dame Elish was appointed principal of St Hugh’s College at Oxford University.

Dame Elish described to the court how she and her family feared for their safety as Rustige’s campaign escalated, and was forced to employ additional security staff, and feared for her safety when in public.

She went on to describe that she found the allegations hurtful and added Given I have spent my career trying to improve the way these crimes are investigated and prosecuted it was particularly hurtful, not just as a prosecutor but as a mother. The fact that it is being suggested that I would be capable of covering up for this type of people is repugnant to me.”

Dame Elish has been the target of an internet lynch mob which have spread false accusations and misinformation about the Holly Greig case, and which has affected the lives of many innocent people.

Commenting on the internet groups associated with the Holly Greig case, Dame Elish described their claims as “the rantings of crazy people and conspiracy theorists”.

Indeed they are. Some of the so-called ‘alternative media’ and ‘truth-seekers’ (although they wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them in the face) include:

  • David Icke – the one time son of god turned conspiracy theory celebrity who thinks the royal family are shape-shifting aliens, and the moon is a secret alien base (maybe so).
  • Brian Gerrish from Plymouth who operates a website called UK Column, and who receives significant funding from the same source as the BNP – and his sidekick Lou Collins. They have been very significant in promoting the Hollie Greig story and spreading misinformation about it.
  • Belinda McKenzie – a self-styled truth-seeker who came under investigation when a charity she was operating called ‘Iran Aid’ was found to be funding terrorist activities in the country – oh yes – and there was the case of the missing £5 million in donations. She also seems to be the main controller of raising funds for the supposed campaign ‘Justice for Hollie’.
  • Robert Green who has received several prison sentences for his malicious behaviour and false accusations. He is the prime ‘champion’ of the ‘Justice for Hollie’ campaign and is the main person responsible for making false accusations and promoting them through various ‘alternative media’ outlets.
  • Sonia Poulton – self-styled champion of the people and Daily Mail contributor – who stormed out of David Icke’s internet streaming channel, ‘The People’s Voice’, claiming that Icke and his cohorts were not being honest with people who donated to the channel. Ironically, she is also starting a media channel on the internet for which she is asking donations.

The list is not exhaustive and there are many more ‘alternative media’ sites and people on the fringe of alternative media who have spread lies about the Holie Greig case, choosing not to do their research and establish the real facts, but only relying on hearsay and nothing more than Chinese whispers and allegations which have been proven to be false.

As a result of these idiots, innocent people have been severely affected through the ignorant actions of those who are either incredibly stupid or have ulterior motives.

Now you may be thinking (especially if you are a follower of any of those listed above) that these comments are a bit strong or anti truth-movement. That is not so. We dislike people who manipulate other people for their own ends, and we particularly dislike the superior attitude many of these people present when it is quite obvious that there is no foundation for it.

We are keen to ensure that real information gets into the public arena, but we at least take an objective view and try our best to ensure our facts are accurate before damning people who may be innocent.

With something as serious as accusing people of one of the most disgusting crimes against the person that can be committed, it is the OBLIGATION of any of person who reports it to ensure the information is as accurate as it can be.

That is what we did, and that is how (over time) we have discovered that the so-called abuse against Hollie Greig is so full of misinformation from those involved that it beggars belief that any reasonably intelligent and sane person could still believe it. Information (and original documents concerning the case) are available – so there is no excuse for not getting to the truth of the matter.

When people like Belinda McKenzie state quite clearly during a video interview on another conspiracy website called ‘Rich Planet TV’ that the father of Hollie Greig abused her and is a paedophile when the man has NEVER been convicted of such an offence, and infers that he may be involved in the Madeline McCann case, it beggars belief that anyone would just accept her word for it and not look into it further.

Alternative media is a good thing overall. But we must all be careful of being misinformed. Often, as in the UK Column in particular, they may present themselves as a reliable and informative source, but when one takes a closer look it is very easy to see cracks start to appear.

As we always say – don’t take our word for it – do your own research and make up your own mind and we will do our best to ensure the information we give you is accurate – but we may also get it wrong sometimes. 

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