15 Minute Guided Meditation [video] (#yoga #meditation #awakening)

This is a 15 minute guided meditation which you can use to start your day, or to relax in the evening.

If you have limited time during the day, or never meditated before, this is an ideal solution.

Find yourself somewhere where you feel comfortable and where you won’t be disturbed for about 15 minutes. Sitting or in a slightly reclined position is best, and place your arms and hands somewhere where you won’t have to move them. The ‘classic’ meditation pose is ideal, sitting with legs crossed and wrists wresting on your knees.

Breathing is important. Remember to breathe in deeply so your stomach pushes out, and breathe out fully so your stomach goes flat. It may be an idea to practice breathing a little before you start to use this meditation.

You can listen with or without headphones. It is important not to have any external sounds which may distract you.

You can keep your eyes open, or close them – whichever you feel more comfortable with.

If you keep your eyes open, then expand the video to full screen and relax your eyes as you watch.

BE AWARE that the meditation may have a hypnotic effect and contains flashing lights and shapes.

Once the introduction has finished, all you need to do is repeat each phrase as you breathe in and out – simple.

The video has been uploaded in HD, but Youtube can take a while to make the HD version available. The video is still available in standard format.

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