Train-wreck #Tories lose by-election but #Cameron remains in denial (#uk #politics)

ctThe results of yesterday’s by-election in Wythenshawe and Sale East are in and the winners are Labour, followed by UKIP, then the Conservatives.

The results were (courtesy of the BBC):

  • Mike Kane (Labour): 13,261
  • John Bickley (UKIP): 4,301
  • Reverend Daniel Critchlow (Conservatives): 3,479
  • Mary Di Mauro (Lib Dem): 1,176
  • Nigel Woodcock (Green Party): 748
  • Eddy O’Sullivan (BNP): 708
  • Captain Chaplington-Smythe (Monster Raving Loony): 288

Turnout: 28%

It is surprising that there was only a 28% turnout for the vote. With the state of the country, we thought that there would have been at least a 33% turnout, although apparently it is normal for a lower turnout in a by-election, and perhaps with the general election being fairly close many people felt they would vote then.

We are also surprised that there were 3,479 idiots who voted Conservative – have they been asleep since 2010?

It is not so surprising that Labour won. Faced with very little choice, we think that many people may have ‘played safe’ and voted for the party most likely to win the next election. Obviously they didn’t find the alternatives very appealing.

With only 14.53% of the total vote, the Conservatives were obliterated, and must be licking their wounds as it appears that many previous Conservative voters have defected to UKIP – which is also understandable after former Conservative voters have been totally betrayed by the party.

In response to the win, David Cameron said he would ‘listen to voters’!

Since when has that happened?

He has not listened to voters since being in power, and it’s a bit late to start listening now after the damage has been done – both to the country and the Conservatives as a viable political force.

In an attempt to downplay the disaster for the Conservative party, Cameron said he was not surprised that Labour won, and that by-elections are a vehicle for ‘protest votes’.

A vote is a vote you moron – there is no such thing as a ‘protest vote’. Votes mean the people want a particular person or party to represent their interests – they do not vote to ‘protest’ – they want the Conservatives out of government – as do most of the rest of the country.

If Cameron thinks people are so stupid that they will believe his excuses (which he reiterated several times during an interview on ITV) that voters were protesting then he needs his head examining.

Cameron seems to have wrapped himself in his usual out-of-touch delusional world, where the failure of the Conservatives will be attributed to some lame excuse or will be someone else’s fault, rather than face the truth that the Conservatives in government since 2010 has been one massive cock-up – and people are seeing through the lies and deceit (not to mention the corruption).

The by-election was held after the death of Labour MP Paul Goggins on 7th January of this year.

In the 2010 election the Conservatives had 44.1% share of the vote in the same constituency as opposed to 14.53% of yesterday.

No doubt there will be pow-wows in the Conservative camp trying to figure out why they received such a low number of votes, and why UKIP beat them to second place. When they don’t find an answer they like they will just brush off the crushing defeat as a ‘quirk’, or on the low turnout, or on the weather, or on anything else they can use except the truth of their own incompetence.

From our perspective, we don’t care who is in power. It is what whoever is elected does when they are in power that is the important thing.

Party allegiances are a thing of the past, and our focus is on having a government who looks after the interests of the people they are supposed to represent, who pay them, and who elected them in the first place.

The Monster Raving Loony party could be in power for all we care. But if they are able to conduct themselves reasonably honestly, make good decisions for the people of the UK, and make sure that our core principles of social care and welfare for the poor and vulnerable are put before commercial interests and wasting billions of pounds of taxpayer’s money, then there really isn’t much more we could ask in the current political climate and mess the Conservatives have left the country in.

As we have explained before, it is IMPORTANT TO USE YOUR VOTE.

It is understandable that people become disillusioned with politics and perhaps think that voting is a waste of time because we seem to end up in a mess whoever is in power. But it is important. Not voting means the parties you DON’T want get more power than they should have.

It will be interesting to see the spin and lies the Conservatives come up with over the next few months as they try to convince the public that they are worthy of their vote. But even yesterday, as we wrote, Cameron was still trying to play his slippery snake game and back tracking on manifesto promises from the last election. We can expect more of the same.

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