#Cameron back-tracks (again) and won’t allow #voters to sack their MPs (#uk #politics)

govtwtsAs part of the Conservative manifesto, and the coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats, Cameron pledged to allow voters to sack MPs they had lost confidence in.

David Cameron and George Osborne have refused to carry out their obligation and refused to include the necessary legislation in the last Queens speech, the Independent reports in an exclusive.

In effect, they have killed their commitment and (again) back-tracked on a commitment within their manifesto on which they tried to win the last election.

Nick Clegg tried to get the policy included in the last legislative session before next year’s general election, but was vetoed by the Conservatives.

It seems that once the Conservatives realised the implications on their own party, and the exposure of incompetence and corruption within its own ranks, the Conservatives first tried to water down the original promise, later ignoring all calls to introduce it.

The 2010 manifesto for the Conservatives stated “At the moment there is no way that local constituents can remove an MP found guilty of serious wrong-doing… that is why a Conservative government will introduce a power of ‘recall’.”

But the move has provoked a furious response from the Liberal Democrats, who have seen their ambitious constitutional reform agenda gutted over the past three years.

“This was an important step which we fought for in the Coalition Agreement to try and restore some level of trust in politics,” said Tim Farron, the party’s president. “We wanted to make sure MPs were accountable to their voters in between elections. Instead the Conservatives appear to want to be protected from the electorate. It is about self-preservation. It sends a message to the electorate that ‘we don’t trust you. We think you might do things which we don’t like’. The only reason for blocking this is a lack of genuine commitment to democracy and a lack of trust in the electorate.”

It is hardly surprising the Conservatives have chosen to brush this proposal under the carpet, as with anything else which may affect their lucrative parliamentary careers.

With there being little to zero chance of them winning next year’s election, after a diabolical term in office which has seen the worst government for at least two centuries causing untold damage to the foundation of UK society, it is hardly surprising they want to try and hold on to the few safe seats they can be sure of.

What more can we write. It is yet another example of the manipulation and self-interest the Conservative dominated government has been engaged in since day one – verging on psychopathic levels.

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