Slave #Britain: MPs tell #Cameron to stop wasting taxpayer’s cash on aid (#uk #politics)

foreign-aid-1001Well it seems to have taken the UK’s dozy MPs a long time to speak out about David Cameron wasting £12 BILLION of taxpayer’s money on foreign aid in his pet project.

The fact that the UK spends DOUBLE the average amount of money on foreign aid than any other developed country seems to have escaped the concern of MPs until it became a hot political topic this week after the devastation caused by recent flooding in the UK.

Cameron has been determined to protect his target of spending 0.7 percent of the UK’s income on foreign aid – even so far as introducing stealth legislation to ensure it is not targeted in his government’s austerity measures.

The UK’s foreign aid budget is highly wasteful, with very little of the allocated money reaching people who really need help. The money is allocated through the Department for International Development, which has been criticised on more than one occasion by the public spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Committee, and the independent organisation Transparency International.

A post we published in January of this year highlighted many of the specific concerns about UK taxpayer’s cash being given away to corrupt regimes.

Nigeria has received over £1 BILLION in aid since the coalition government has been in power (an increase of 116%). Millions of pound of that aid has been spent on Nigeria’s space programme, while a large chunk of the rest has contributed to the personal wealth of government ministers through various criminal schemes.

Some other corrupt regimes receiving taxpayer’s money include:

  • Afghanistan – £200.4 million
  • South Sudan – £107.6 million
  • Somalia – £86.8 million
  • Sudan – £50.5 million
  • Syria – £38.5 million
  • Libya – £6.7 million
  • Iraq – £5 million
  • Uzbekistan – £1.6 million
  • North Korea – £756,000
  • Turkmenistan – £416,000

This list is by no means exhaustive. Other criticisms of Cameron’s foreign aid ‘crusade’ include the limited number of British companies allocated money by the Department for International Development, such as British ‘consultants’ Adam Smith International, who benefit from foreign aid by ‘winning’ lucrative contracts to supply privatised services, such as water and education, subsidised though aid payments  – money which would be better spent on the development of public services – which would generally be far better value for money.

Last year, the Department for International Development has awarded contracts worth half the value of their total spend on contractors to just five contractors – Adam Smith International (£66.3m), Crown Agents (£62.2m), Voluntary Services Overseas (£54.6m), British Council (£32.4m) and Maxwell Stamp (£26.1m). Much of this money would have been more effective by being spent on developing local services rather than ‘paid for’ services by private contractors.

What may also be of concern is that when placed under scrutiny by the National Audit Office, the Department for International Development did not know to which country £530 million of aid went to in 2011.

The department has too much money to spend – and it MUST spend it to reach the 0.7 percent target Cameron has set – which results in the financing of frivolous and totally useless projects.

WHAT AN ABSOLUTE WASTE at a time when most of the UK is facing ridiculous and false ‘austerity’ cuts.

As for the MPs who are now taking notice – one may ask why they didn’t do or say anything when Cameron was implementing his master plan to stop this abominable waste of taxpayer’s cash.

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