Slave #Britain: 12 lies David #Cameron told to get your vote (#bedroomtax #ids #atos #nhs)

CAMLIEHe is a liar – simple as that. David Cameron lied to get votes, he has constantly lied while in government, and he will continue to lie to try to gain votes for the next election – not that he was elected last time of course.

As we have covered before, it’s not as though he is any good at lying. Every time he opens his mouth his body language and facial expression give away his deceitful nature – even though he has had training to appear genuine when speaking in public (probably thought the discredited ‘Common Purpose’ organisation which is well-known for grooming politicians).

The baffling thing about this is that there are people who still believe what Cameron has to say, even though the evidence clearly shows he has lied (and will no doubt continue to lie) about every aspect of governing the country) along with his cronies.

Steven Preece of the Welfare News Service looks into 12 of Cameron’s lies prior to the 2010 election:

We take a look back at some of the many promises and quotes by David Cameron prior to the 2010 general election and ask ourselves why should anyone believe a word that comes out of the PM’s mouth?

“With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS.”

The coalition government went on to make some of the biggest changes to the NHS since its creation.

“We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT. Our first Budget is all about recognising we need to get spending under control rather than putting up tax.”

George Osborne rose VAT from 17.5% to a record 20%.

“I like the child benefit, I wouldn’t change child benefit, I wouldn’t means-test it, I don’t think that is a good idea.”

The coalition government later abolished Child Benefit for higher earners.

“Yes, we back Sure Start. It’s a disgrace that Gordon Brown has been trying to frighten people about this. He’s the prime minister of this country but he’s been scaring people about something that really matters.”

Hundreds of Sure Start centres have since closed their doors.

“We have “no plans to change existing Future Jobs Fund commitments”.”

Within weeks of the coalition government taking office it announced the abolition of the Future Jobs Fund.

“We’ve looked at educational maintenance allowances and we haven’t announced any plan to get rid of them.”

Nine months later the coalition announced that EMA was to be scrapped which led to days of student protests in the Capital.

“Let us look at the issue of dependency where we have trapped people in poverty through the extent of welfare that they have.”

Since then we have witnessed some of the biggest cuts to welfare since the formation of the welfare state, which has led to a five-fold increase in poverty-stricken families turning to food banks.

“People are increasingly frustrated that decisions taken further and further away from them mean their living standards are slashed through enforced austerity.”

The UK has been forced to endure some of harshest austerity measures in decades and those policies haven’t come from “further and further away”. They’ve come from David Cameron and his coalition government.

“We cannot go on as we are with 2.6 million people on incapacity benefit, 500,000 of them are under 35. Are we really saying there are half a million people in this country under 35 who are simply too ill to work? I don’t think that’s right.”

Regardless of whether you think it’s right or wrong that millions of people are claiming sickness benefits, sick and disabled benefit claimants are still being wrongly found ‘fit for work’ by inhumane benefit tests.

“We will say to people that if you can work, and if you want to work, we will do everything we can to help you. We will give you the training, we will give you the support, we will give you the advice to get you going and get you back at work.”

Or hide jobseekers away on the government’s controversial Work Programme so that they can manipulate unemployment statistics perhaps?

“When you’re taking the country through difficult times and difficult decisions you’ve got to take the country with you. That means permanently trying to make the argument that what you’re doing is fair and seen to be fair.”

Tax cuts for Millionaires whilst some of the poorest in society are struggling to make ends-meet due to welfare cuts and poverty wages. How is this “fair”?

“What we’re putting forward is the most radical reform of the welfare state… for 60 years. I think it will have a transformative effect in making sure that everyone is better off in work and better off working rather than on benefits.”

Figures show that for the first time in history there are now more working people living in poverty than those in workless households.

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10 thoughts on “Slave #Britain: 12 lies David #Cameron told to get your vote (#bedroomtax #ids #atos #nhs)

  1. You asked who the originator was – we don’t know – simple as that.

    If you are asking what we think about the content, then that is a totally different matter.

    Obviously this is the idiot Cameron prostituting himself for votes by trying to appeal to ‘ethnic’ sectors in the UK.

    ‘A Muslim prime minister’ is a ridiculous statement purposely designed to appeal to whatever audience Cameron was addressing at the time.

    If it is made as a statement of fact then it is he and his cronies, as well as previous government cronies, who are responsible for their policy of ‘open door’ immigration – which has done nothing positive for British society and has resulted in a society separated into groups rather than being as one.

    The reason for this is quite simple. By maintaining self-interested groups within society it creates conflict and mistrust, thereby making the population easier to control and manipulate by those in power.

    We have seen this prompted through the politically correct brigade who have also been encouraged to be active in ensuring resentment and conflict exists within society. Therefore more inequality ensues as people are forced into an unnatural situation of having to accept disproportionate treatment and see their societal systems breaking down.

    It is interesting to note that we rarely hear of Sikhs or Buddhists, or any other religious group being represented in government, and the focus is always on the Muslims.

    We still see no action by government to tackle the problem – which tells its own story.

  2. Thank you for your comprehensive response which I much appreciate. You make an excellent point about Sikhs etc never being exhorted to join government. Can we hope that as UKIP moves towards Downing St there will be much less talk of Muslims in government, do you think?

  3. One of the problems with UK politics is that the main parties all seem to be different faces on much the same suits – not like (perhaps) 30 or 40 years ago where they had very distinct identities and stood for very specific policies.

    IF Ukip get in then it will be interesting to see if they have the courage of their commitments, and if so, are able to make any real change when faced with opposition from other parties, and perhaps the civil service.

    What we think is needed is a completely new approach to government. Government should be concerned with the welfare of the whole population based on basic concepts of humanity – which inevitably means being able to make very hard decisions and stand by them. There is far too much of the ‘old boy’s network’ and influence from external sources present in politics which means decisions are rarely based on what is right for the population – as we have seen very clearly with the current bunch of idiots in power.

    The main controlling influence on government policy is that of major financial institutions – the ones far higher up the food chain than retail banks. The likes of JPMorgan, Goldman-Sachs, and the Rothschild’s.

    Destabilisation, conflict, and war make them enormous profits.So the UK and the world as a whole may stand a chance if these influences are diluted or removed altogether. Somehow we don’t think any political party will be able to make such radical change to a system that has been in place for decades.

    What they may be able to do is minimise some of the impact locally.

    The UK is over-populated and this needs to be addressed. The virtually unchecked immigration of certain ethnic groups needs to be controlled – no matter how ‘un-pc’ that may be. A multi-cultural society is a nonsense. There is no such thing in any part of the world. Although ethnic groups may be allowed to practice aspects of their culture they should never be permitted to influence the core of UK society – which they have chosen to move in to, and certainly not in a way which is detrimental to other members of that society. The core of any policy or law is that everyone has the same basic rights and responsibilities regardless of who are what they are.

    Just recently we have seen the ridiculous situation in Rotherham where investigations and prosecutions were not pursued because the suspects were of Pakistani origin. The authorities were afraid of ‘upsetting the ethnics’ which resulted in the abuse of girls of the indigenous population. There has been more than one example where members of certain ethnic groups have been allowed to get away with crimes – not exactly a fair and equal society is it?

    A million excuses are made from all sides but the fact is that these crimes are committed by certain ethnic groups who have a totally different concept of what is acceptable behaviour in society. They do not integrate – they take advantage for their own self-interest. Hardly ever do we see leaders of these ethnic groups take any responsibility whatsoever, preferring to blame the wider society they choose not to be part of.

    There are areas of the UK which are controlled by factions which are no-go areas for the wider population. They roam in gangs intimidating the local population and spouting minority views in an attempt to instigate their own primitive beliefs on others. These beliefs are not part of British culture and never have been. If they want to live under such regimes than they should move to a country which has those beliefs as part of their culture and not expect everyone else to bow to their ridiculous demands and primitive views – Sharia law is a good example of this. Basically, they should be told in no uncertain terms that if they don’t like or agree with the basic concepts of British society then get out. If they continue then they should be prosecuted and harshly punished for inciting hatred.

    The number of hate preachers who have been permitted to go unchallenged until recently is ridiculous. For decades they have been permitted to spout their poison and the authorities have failed to take appropriate action against them. The law already covers these things – no new legislation is needed. The current law just needs to be implemented.

    The government cites human rights as a barrier to implementing the law. A stupid argument. Anyone who has looked properly at human rights legislation knows that there are enough exceptions built in to every Article to enable a state to challenge and prosecute damaging and radical behaviour – whatever their ethnicity may be.

    The UK needs a government that has guts, and not these self-fulfilling prats who have been in power for the past five years. Until that happens then we will have the same old merry-go-round of placating bullshit which achieves nothing whatsoever. We don’t know if Ukip will be able (or permitted) to be as strong as it purports to be if it gains power.

    • Although I agree with your summary of the UK political establishment, I think you appear to be not understanding the main UKIP policy of quitting the EU. Once this has been achieved we, or at least our government, will be able to control who comes here and who does not. I don’t expect a UKIP government to be much better than LABTOR in terms of handing public money top their rich mates once they get the hang of how and when to do it. We will also have the power, if UKIP actually carry out their promises, to remove local MPs who refuse to represent our wishes. For example, if we elect an MP of whatever party, and later complain about Muslims getting away with rape, we can remove the MP if he fails to intervene and ensure prosecutions follow swiftly. But like you, I am cynical. I will vote UKIP until they fail to extract us from the EU. Like many at that point, I would consider turning to much more direct means of dealing with local politicians and police. I don’t think, given the opportunity, that a UKIP government will fail to quit the EU and of course it will be a few years before they attain government, plus it may also be very difficult to succeed in forcing an in/out referendum as a minor party operating against a minority government. . . I think although its possible UKIP will prove to be just as corrupt as LABTOR, it is not very likely.

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