Slave #Britain: Two-year-olds to be enslaved by the state. #uk #education #childcare

truss.fwThe government are pushing ahead with their social engineering agenda by making it easier for school nurseries to admit children as young as two years old.

A recent move by the government to increase the number of children a nanny could look after at one time failed after it was blocked by the Liberal Democrats.

Using a stealth (or back-door) tactic, Liz Truss, the education minister, is writing to every council in England to encourage them to extend their opening hours so parents can leave young children throughout the working day – to around 6pm.

The government are citing a ‘childcare crisis’ as their excuse for making sure parents can work longer hours and pay more tax to the state.

This is not a crisis of availability, it is a crisis of cost – as with most other things which the government choose to leave in the private sector with little state provision.

Around 27% of British parents net income is spent on childcare, which is three times more than the average spent in other European countries. This places enormous financial strain on families, especially those on low incomes.

Instead of making provisions to improve existing child care, the government is trying to include children as young as two – which will increase the demand for existing places and does little to improve the child care system, with most parents having little choice but to place their children in private nurseries.

A solution may be to ensure there are adequate state operated nurseries which would charge reasonable (not for profit) fees.

What is particularly worrying about this latest government initiative is that it separates children from their parents for longer periods and from a younger age.

The Pre-school Learning Alliance told the Telegraph newspaper that the funding could have been better spent on existing early years settings. Neil Leitch, the group’s chief executive, criticised the Government recently for pursuing a policy of “early schoolification” not appropriate for two-year-olds.
Laura Perrins, a stay-at-home mother who confronted Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, during a radio phone-in last year, said a full day in nursery was too long for a two-year-old child. “There is no evidence to say that this is going to benefit two-year-olds. It’s not going to improve cognitive outcomes for them, but it probably will have an emotional impact,” she said.
“It is putting more pressure to get mums back to work, probably too soon for them or their children. The Government is again ignoring the relationship that mothers have with very young children.”

The importance of families has gradually diminished as the government promotes its ‘hard working’ agenda which only serves the state – not the individual.

People are working longer hours in worse conditions and with less pay than at any other time in the last thirty to forty years. The real value of income has been diminishing year on year since 2010 – the longest period of constant devaluation in the past 50 years.

Parents focus has been shifted away from the importance of personal and family relationships to survival in the false economic situation created by government (through bankers etc.) in order to survive. Lower wages and out of control price increases have hit families hard.

Children should not be spending more time being indoctrinated by the state system. They should be spending time with their parents, playing, discovering the world around them and discovering their place in the world rather than being trained to become future slaves of the economic system.

Two years old – or even four years old – is far too young for children to be away from their parents, and the state should make provision for this.

Effectively, parents will be handing responsibility for raising children more and more to the state where they will be moulded and indoctrinated as the state wishes. We have seen the shift from parental responsibility to state control of our children gradually creep up on us, and this is only the start of a much longer term agenda.

This is another step towards a globalist agenda of control and power. It is no ‘conspiracy theory’ – it is fact.

As far back as 1968, the plan to weaken the importance of families was revealed By Dr Richard Day as part of a definite long-term globalist plan.

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