Slave #Britain: Rise of the police state as home secretary asked to approve water cannons

policestateChief constables across England and Wales are to ask the home secretary, Theresa May, to approve the use of water cannons in anticipation of further protests against the government’s austerity measures.

A briefing paper by the Association of Chief Police Officers written by the West Mercia chief constable, David Shaw, cites three occasions in the past ten years when water cannons would have been considered by police.

These are:

  • The Countryside Alliance demonstration in 2010 in Parliament Square.
  • The Gaza demonstrations against the Israeli embassy in London in 2008/9.
  • Various locations which were targeted by student protests of 2010

The Association of Chief Police Officers has already anticipated that their request will be approved by the home secretary, and have started sourcing second-hand water cannons from Germany to be ready for this summer.

A popular water cannon is the Riot-control vehicle WaWe 9000, which costs between £600,000 and £1 million each when new.

Water cannons have been used for many years in Northern Ireland.

Police requesting water cannons is a sign that those in power are well aware of the general discontent of the public against government policies, but rather than address them and do something about it, they would rather waste more taxpayers money on something that is not really needed.

This is not an idea that has been born of necessity. It is something that has been part of a long-term plan to which the public have gradually been conned into accepting.

It also shows that those chief constables who support this measure are only there to serve those in power, and not to protect citizens from real crime. The days of the ‘bobby on the street’ who often stopped many problems before they happened is long gone. Now policing is focused on protecting wealth.

If anything, the police should be protecting us from the corrupt and murderous activities of the psychopaths in power.

According to ACPO water cannons will be rarely needed – if so – why spent enormous amounts of cash on them when that money could be spent on improving the diabolical policing system that has become prevalent in the UK? Why not spend that money on protecting citizens from criminals, which would have a much wider benefit instead of continually protecting the ‘elite’ and big commerce – as we have seen during the fracking protests around the UK?

The very simple solution to stopping protests and other direct action is to sort out core problems – which are inevitably rooted in government. But those in government are too narcissistic, power crazy, and stupid to realise that protests and demonstrations are their fault.

What will we have next – thought adjustment camps – door to door searches – tagging and chipping of humans – let alone the stealth legislation that has already been introduced primarily by this government to further restrict any semblance of freedom or the illusion of democracy.

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