Slave #Britain: The warped minds of political clowns (#welfare #atos #ids #bedroomtax)

circusThis week has seen a number of very stupid statements from politicians from all sides of the political fence. The statements defy common sense, or any notion of being indicative of politicians grasp on any form of reality.

From their comfortable positions, in comfortable houses, with comfortable incomes, they cast judgement on the rest of civilisation without any notion of the things people really have to cope with on a day-to-day basis as a result of politically warped views of the world and the policies introduced based on them.

It is typical of politicians to attempt to take the moral high ground, when many of them have very dubious morals to begin with – perhaps that is how one ‘gets on’ in politics.

Pick a main party, and someone within it who is looking to further their political career or gain public attention will have made a statement which is out of context with reality. Labour, Liberal Democrat, Conservative, UKIP – all of the main parties seem to be so out of touch it is frightening to think that any of them would have power over the lives of others after the next general election.

Perhaps there has never been a time in political history where describing the political area as a circus has been so apt.

We seem surrounded by fools – by clowns and idiots who act in elaborately rehearsed routines – each trying to get a custard pie in the others face while dodging pies themselves. They use those who are easily targeted (such as the disenfranchised disabled or poor) as props – throwing them up in the air – juggling them– not caring which falls to the ground or gets trampled so long as their routine pleases the crowds of their yapping fans.

So, we have seen several statements which defy any logic and are downright ridiculous. Here they are in no particular order:

Statement 1

Defected Conservative counsellor who joined UKIP, David Silvester stated (in all seriousness) that the recent round of bad weather was due to the Conservatives legalising gay marriage.

In a letter to the Henley Standard he wrote: ‘The scriptures make it abundantly clear that a Christian nation that abandons its faith and acts contrary to the Gospel (and in naked breach of a coronation oath) will be beset by natural disasters such as storms, disease, pestilence and war.’

As well as being a total idiot, Silvester is also a religious bigot.

Statement 2

Rachel Reeves, Labour’s Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary stated that a person who is claiming benefits must be made to learn to read, write, and perform maths tests if they can not do so already.

Although we agree somewhat with the statement in that it is desirable in this day and age to be able to read, write, and use basic maths, just because someone can not read and write, or complete state maths tests does not mean they are not intelligent or able to engage in meaningful work.

In another clear indicator that politicians have no idea about the real world, they continue to measure someone’s ‘worth’ through an antiquated system academic achievement and state testing, rather than a person’s general REAL intelligence and common sense. She expects people will ‘comply’ and engage in the process after being constantly kicked in the teeth, and having been programmed to be ‘worthless’ by the very institutions who are administering the scheme. Ridiculous.

People need to be nurtured and encouraged to engage in a way in which they WANT to progress and develop skills which will improve life for them – not through edicts of a fascist state.

Statement 3

The Conservatives. There is so much to choose from as the current government make ridiculous statement after ridiculous statement. There is not a week which goes by during which one or another says or does something so stupid and irrational that one can only assume there is some form of brain disease prevalent and very contagious in the Conservative camp.

Here is one that Osborne made about increasing the minimum wage:

“But when I look at the British economy I see the British economy expanding, I see jobs being created, I see the prospect of future jobs being created as well. I think Britain can afford a higher minimum wage. We have worked hard to get to this point and we can start to enjoy the fruits of all that hard work.”

This is a statement that only an arse of the first order would make.

Firstly, the Conservatives have not created any jobs whatsoever. All they have done is fiddle unemployment figures through placing former public service jobs out to tender – generally consisting of a number of short-term or temporary contracts – encouraged and allowed the use of zero-hour contracts – included the unemployed placed on slave-labour compulsory work programmes as being employed, and generally driven a high proportion of the population into economic slavery.

The fact is – Osborne has never done a proper days work in his life and has spent most of his time doing what he wants on the back of mummy and daddy’s money – including spending huge amount of their cash on dominatrix prostitutes. Then he moved into the political arena to waste huge amount of taxpayer’s cash instead.

Statement 4

Liberal Democrats. These are slippery little devils and it is quite difficult to find anything any of them have said, but when they do speak, the usual political rubbish spouts forth emanating from their secluded and deranged world.

Nick Clegg did manage to come up with a gem though concerning the Lord Rennard situation.

Clegg said it would be inappropriate for Lord Rennard to resume the Liberal Democrat whip unless he apologises to the women who have accused him of sexually inappropriate behaviour.

Using a little logic here – if someone has performed an act on someone, but there is not enough evidence for a criminal prosecution even though they admit it, how can that person be considered fit and proper to hold a key position in politics or within a political party.

But of course, this is IF the information made public about the incident is accurate or just another propaganda effort.

IF the allegations are correct, if this were a business the Liberal Democrats would be obliged to take some serious action to remove the person from their position and location. Taking the whip off of Rennard is hardly a significant disciplinary measure. It just goes to show what a deluded world politicians live in. On one hand they call for strong action against wrongdoers in society yet fail to apply the same rules to their own. We see it time and time again.

So there are some little snippets of just how stupid politicians are, and we are sure you will be able to think of many, many (and probably better) examples of how out of touch they are with real life.

They talk like clowns, they act like clowns. As the expression goes “If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck” – possibly miss-quoted, but you get the meaning.

All we have to do is take a step back and an objective look to realise just how ridiculous our political system has become – especially in recent years.

The similarities in politicians training are also evident across parties. The stupid hand expression that Cameron is fond of where he clenches a fist with his thumb on top – ridiculous – does he really think people are not going to notice the similarities with Blair as he underwent body language training – arse.

That is what we are left with – clowns becoming more clownish by the day who are in positions of power they should never have been allowed in because they are idiots.

The only people who are affected are the general population – the very people who put many of these people in power (although not the current bunch of idiots in government – they are unelected and in power by default). Perhaps this is some kind of mass masochism, or blind trust which steers the masses to mindless voting – or perhaps it is because people think they can only vote for the best of a bad bunch.

But it does not have to be that way. If you have had enough of the circus then you can end it, or at least significantly change it.

All of you in the real world who have been affected by the idiots in government need to take action to reduce the chances of it happening again or getting much, much worse.

Not voting is not the answer because all abstinence does is gives the idiots advantage. You need to make your vote count while you still can.

From our experience, there are millions of people who have had enough and see the political system and the majority of people in it for what it is and what they are.

We are stuck with the system as it is for the time being, so all people who have been affected by welfare reforms, lack of regulation of the energy industry, who are fed up of seeing the government waste billions while at the same time targeting the vulnerable and poor, seeing unnecessary fiddling of taxes by the rich, and the myriad of other moral atrocities politicians seem to engage in, can help breakup the stronghold of the major parties.

By voting for independents or minor players in the political arena the power of the main parties (and their own vested interests) will become dissolved. Although not a perfect solution, it is a start and will give the main parties the kick in the arse they deserve.

It will send a message that we no longer accept them as being automatically viable to govern the country and that we have had enough of their self-fulfilling actions. It is time they started to do the job they are employed (by us) for and represent the views and welfare of the people as a whole, and not just a few.

We no longer have the great divide between the main parties there once was, and the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, and possibly UKIP could easily all belong to one big party. Not much of a choice there.

The circus has to end, or we will become more enslaved, more restricted in our daily life to only serve the system, rather than the system serving the people – which is how things are meant to be.

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