Slave #Britain: Osborne the liar as he states £25 BILLION to be cut from #welfare

lierosbMummy’s boy Osborne lies through his teeth again as he announces he plans to cut a further £25 BILLION from the UK’s welfare bill.

Perhaps he needs the cash to pay his dominatrix, Natalie Rowe, for a few more whipping sessions on all four’s (Osborne that is of course).

But he FAILS to mention doing anything at all to cut the estimated £128 BILLION WASTED by the government EVERY YEAR!

From false expenses claims to paying £500,000 to HIRE fig trees outside their offices, it seems government is exempt from Osborne’s slashing.

It’s about time he and his slimy mates in government were gone forever. How much longer are we/you going to put up with this level of obvious abuse by a government that thinks government is it’s personal piggy bank?

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