Slave #Britain: Coward Duncan Smith can’t stand the heat – so he runs away (#ids #welfare)

idsfbHave you seen the video clip of Ian Duncan-Smith, the work and pensions secretary, sneaking out of Parliament to avoid awkward questions about his welfare reforms and the increase in food banks? If not you can see it here.

The spineless wimp has also refused to meet with Chris Mould, the chairman of the Trussell Trust, a charity that has set up more than 400 food banks across the UK.

Duncan Smith’s excuse for not explaining himself and the effects of his reforms is that the Trussell Trust is ‘scaremongering’ and has a clear political agenda. Really? We wonder what Duncan Smith’s agenda is then.

Trussell trust and it’s volunteers are struggling to keep up with demand, and have given more than 500,000 people (a third of them children) food supplies since April of this year.

Both Duncan Smith and his sidekick, Lord Freud (fraud), have refused repeated requests to meet with Chris Mould and have accused him of publicity-seeking, and Duncan Smith dismissed the charity’s claims that the increase in people using food banks is because of his welfare reforms.

Chris Mould told the Guardian newspaper that he and his volunteers couldn’t make sense of why ministers would not listen to them and consider practical solutions to ease the strain on hundreds of thousands of people, and said “To them [the volunteers], it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to me either. We are deeply disappointed, but we are as open as ever to meet ministers in the hope that perhaps the New Year will bring a fresh approach to what could so easily have been a fruitful dialogue.”

The shadow secretary of state, Rachel Reeves, told the Guardian “Iain Duncan Smith should meet with the Trussell Trust and others who are on the frontline of dealing with the growing problem of food poverty in Britain, rather than burying his head in the sand.

“It’s David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith’s failure to tackle the cost-of-living crisis which has led to half a million people relying on food banks since April this year.

“Under the Tories, it’s tax cuts for the rich and food banks for the poor. Only a Labour government would act to freeze energy prices, help more employers to pay a living wage, and expand free childcare to help more parents earn a living for their family.”

MPs from Duncan Smith’s own party are questioning the adverse effects of his welfare reforms on the poor and vulnerable.

Steve Baker, the Tory MP for Wycombe, said it was a “scandalous indictment of the safety net that is the welfare state” that so many people could be left hungry. “Some 12,000 children in Buckinghamshire live in income poverty and one in five children in Wycombe go to bed hungry – that increases to one in three in some parts of my constituency.”

The trust predicts that demand for food banks will increase during 2014 and that around one million people will be referred to food banks by the end of the year.

Coming under ever increasing criticism for his welfare reform, Duncan Smith heads for his bolt-holes and fails to face the reality of his reforms. He is not interest whatsoever on their effects on the poor and vulnerable, he is only interested in pleasing his masters. It seems as though this spineless excuse is on some kind of revenge mission – perhaps he is ashamed of his past in some way, because he has spent plenty of time not being completely honest about it.

Duncan Smith has lost the plot completely. He seems to have no concept, that as an MP, he is supposed to serve the people – not the other way around. All we can expect from him until he is finally kicked out is more lies, more deceit, and more running away from the consequences of his actions.

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