Teenager buys £600 of food and gives it away to families in need #uk #welfare

Photo: The Metro

Photo: The Metro

It is not often we hear good news in the current climate of welfare cuts, rising prices, and government corruption, but today The Metro reported on a teenager who bought £600 worth of food for 4p and gave it away to families in need.

Jordon Cox, 16, from Essex spent his spare time searching for discount vouchers in newspapers, magazines, and on the internet for everyday groceries.

He then visited his local Tesco, filled three trollies with goods and headed for the checkout armed with the 470 coupons he had found.

The final bill for Jordan’s shopping spree came to £572.16 and it took the checkout operator an hour to scan all the discounts. Much to the relief of Jordan after a nervous wait, the final bill came to just 4p.

Jordan told the Metro “I read an article that said a 1,000th of the UK population are unable to eat this Christmas because they don’t have any money.

“I decided wanted to help as many people as I can, and to also show that it’s possible to shop very cheaply, if you know how.

“It’s not an exact science, so you can never really work out ahead of time how much the total is going to be. I was stunned when it came up as just 4p.”

Jordan donated the shopping to the charity Doorstep who help disadvantaged families. Jordan has already started planning next year’s shopping trip.

What a brilliant idea, and it is heart-warming to see a young man do something really positive to help those who are suffering because of the government welfare cuts.

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