Slave #Britain: Fresh #welfare cuts as government wastes £13billion (#austerity #uk #welfare)

George-Osborne-and-David--007The people of the UK should stand by for another attack on welfare benefits by the government as idiot Osborne announces at a hearing of the Treasury select committee that “…welfare spending can’t be excluded from the difficult decisions”.

Osborne told the committee that billions have to be cut from welfare budgets to avoid deeper cuts in spending by Whitehall departments.

The Office for Budget Responsibility, the body charged with forecasting the economy and the public finances for the Treasury, said that would leave day-to-day spending by government at its smallest share of national output at least since modern records began in 1948.

Osborne continues to blame the ‘recession’ and banking ‘crisis’ of 2008-2009 as justification for his cuts, which is contrary to the figures produced by the Office of National Statistics that clearly show the erosion in living standards is due to continued inflation.

The Public Accounts Committee has produced figures which show that the government has WASTED £13.2 BILLION because of fraud in government, financial error, and legal claims during 2011-2012.

The 13.2 BILLION was written off the government balance sheet, and MPs are demanding action. Treasury spokesman, Chris Leslie told the BBC “It’s time David Cameron and George Osborne got a grip and tackled the billions being lost to the Exchequer each year.”

The figures do not include local government or public corporations, and the National Fraud Authority estimates the true cost of fraud to the public sector was £20.6bn.

As the government continues to preach ‘austerity’ and persecutes soft-targets such as those on low pay, the poor, and the vulnerable who have little chance of fighting this social abuse, the direct actions of government which result in the waste of billions of public money go unchallenged.

If we add this to the known amount of annual government waste of around £128 billion, the actual figure of public money which only serves the rich and those in power comes to a staggering conservative estimate of around £140 BILLION!

This is money that is taken out of the public purse with no useful purpose in society – it is WASTE!

If that money were available to public funds, it would be a highly significant contribution to the cost of things that MATTER – like welfare and health – which benefit everyone – not just the rich.

There NEVER has been a need for so-called ‘austerity’ measures in the UK – it is a falsehood promoted by government propaganda to divert money from the poorest in society into the pockets of the government and its cronies, such as financial institutions and big business. Economists have proven that ‘austerity’ never serves the economy of a country, and only results in exploitation – which we are seeing now and which is set to get worse.  

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