#Cameron refuses to say if he will accept MPs pay rise. (#uk #britain #tpv)

cameron_2103409bHere we go again, the Conservative brain donor is trying to box clever with his latest tactic to avoid answering a straight forward question – but it isn’t washing with the opposition or the public.

Cameron – are you going to accept the pay rise awarded to MPs or not? One would think that the answer would be straightforward, but it seems Cameron has lost the use of his brain in forming an answer – perhaps he lent it to Duncan Smith yesterday and he used up all the lies.

According to Cameron’s Downing Street spokesman, the proposed increase in MPs salaries to £74,000 per annum will be subject to review after the May 2015 election – how very convenient. Although we think that Cameron is hoping that the issue of MPs pay will fade into the background by then and no one will notice his acceptance of the rise – if he is still in Parliament of course.

Labour leader Ed Miliband challenged David Cameron on Monday evening to enter into cross-party talks to prevent further damage to the reputation of MPs – an initiative that Cameron has rejected.

Ed Miliband’s spokesman told the Independent “We cannot have an outcome for MPs which does not command public confidence. Therefore we are asking the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats for a cross-party approach which recognises the current economic circumstances where workers in the public and private sectors are going through such difficult times.”

In contrast, many of Cameron’s backbenchers seem very keen to accept the extra cash. Charles Walker, a Conservative MP, said “I’ve been working since I left university for 25 years and I have never turned a pay rise down and I don’t intend to start turning any future pay rises down.” There’s a surprise, what else could we expect.

At a time when poor households are having to cut their food bills to £20 a week or less AS A DIRECT RESULT of welfare reforms, Cameron stays in his unrealistic bubble and tries to hide behind his delusional behaviour which everyone can clearly see through.

Let alone the poor trying to cope with unregulated ever-increasing fuel costs which mean many are unable to provide basic heat for themselves and their families during the winter months. Although we can be sure that many members of the government are enjoying the benefit of energy companies high profits through their share portfolios.

So will Cameron and his cronies accept the pay rise? We think so, and they will use smoke and mirrors to try and deceive the public in an attempt to make the public think the MPs had no choice.

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