The People’s Voice – Week 1 (@PeoplesVoice_TV #tpv #thepeoplesvoice )

tpvA new free-to-watch internet TV station started broadcasting last Monday called The People’s Voice which claims to be ‘A free global internet TV & Radio station broadcasting the information, background and opinions the mainstream media won’t touch’ according to the channel’s Facebook page.

For those of you who have never heard of The People’s Voice, here is a summary of how the station started.

David Icke (STOP! For those of you who have a negative or sceptical view of Icke, read through the rest of this article before jumping to conclusions) started the project in May of this year, and financed it through the crowd funding platform Indiegogo, with an initial target of raising £100,000. The project raised the cash well before the final date arrived, and the goal amount was raised to £300,000 – which it achieved by the end of the campaign, finally raising £300,692.

To get the channel up and running, Icke appealed for volunteers to supplement the core staff at the station, to which he – or rather The People’s Voice – received a massive response.

The station is based in Wembley in London and the studios are equipped with professional broadcast gear – not a ‘one man and his webcam’ operation by any means.

Regular video updates were posted on David Icke’s website and the project rapidly moved from concept to operation by last Monday (25th November 2013) having had a five hour preview on 10th November which was being used to introduce some of the programmes and presenters, and as a test so the volunteers could practice on a live show and iron out any gremlins in the system.

So that’s a little background on the station/channel, but even after the preview I was still unsure whether this station would meet its claims of presenting news and features in an un-biased way, giving all sides the opportunity to present their opinions, and to allow those who would otherwise not be heard a platform.

At this point I will say something about David Icke’s involvement in the programming.

I (and others) had concerns that this new channel which claimed to ‘cover the news the mainstream media wouldn’t touch’ and so on, would turn into more of a platform for David Icke to send his message and views out to the world – something of an Icke Fest.

It should be noted that emphasis has been placed on the fact that David Icke is not (according to him) taking any money directly from the station, and that all donations are being put back in to improve and expand the operation.

After watching the channel for a week, David Icke has not really appeared on the station that much. He can be seen in the morning on the Richie Allen show reviewing the newspapers, and makes the occasional appearance on some of the other programmes – but nothing over the top. When he does appear it is within the context of the programme content, and the views he expresses are perfectly reasonable – again within the context of the subject matter.

David Icke does have a one hour programme called ‘Connecting the Dots’ which he presents with Richie Allen but I have not seen that as yet. If you take a look at the station’s programme schedule, Icke hardly appears and when he does it is appropriate.

In between programmes there are a few promos for his books and upcoming event in 2014 – but again this is not over the top, and considering he is responsible for setting up the station is perfectly reasonable.

No doubt Icke’s exposure because of the station will be increased, which should result in increased sales of his books etc. but there is nothing wrong with that, and so far Icke’s promotion is not in your face every five minutes.

At the moment there are no advertisements, but these are planned for the future and it is claimed will only feature companies who have a positive or neutral impact on humanity and the world. Currently the breaks are filled with promos for the channel.

Considering the very short time the channel has had to come up with programming for twenty four hour broadcast it is inevitable that programmes will be repeated. The way the repeats run seem to be well planned.

Now to the programmes I have watched:

The Richie Allen Show

This is the channel’s early morning programme which features news analysis and interviews by host Richie Allen (of course). It also features a review of the headlines in the press by David Icke.

I had never heard of Richie Allen before seeing this programme, so had no preconceptions or expectations.

I am impressed by the quality of Richie Allen’s presentation and presence on screen. He does as is claimed, he presents the stories in an un-biased and very professional yet challenging way, and is not afraid to ask very direct and awkward questions of his guests – something you never see on mainstream TV.

Allen gives those who have never been heard (and probably never will be) on mainstream media an opportunity to present their case on his programme within the context of the subjects being covered. From MPs to the man in the street who has been unfairly treated, Allen conducts himself very professionally and very fairly.

Richie Allen also hosts a phone-in about an hour after his morning show – which is just as good and as interesting as his main show.

Sonia Poulton – LIVE

This programme is broadcast between 5pm and 7pm each weekday evening, and is similar in format to the Richie Allen show in that it covers news stories and other relevant content featuring people from all sides. For example, the Madeline McCann case has been discussed, and the stealing of babies by the state – featuring real people who have been directly involved in the situation who would otherwise be ignored by the mainstream or have their version of events misrepresented.

Whilst I appreciate that Sonia Poulton is passionate about the subjects she covers, she does demonstrate bias on occasions (albeit rarely) which colours the impression of the station. Perhaps because she is still finding her feet and because of her enthusiasm. She is certainly a good print journalist, but we will have to see if that transfers to live media as she becomes more comfortable with live television – which must be a nerve racking experience anyway.

This is still an excellent programme.

Ken O’Keefe’s Middle East Show

This is another excellent show which covers events in the Middle-East, with live reports and alternative views and interviews. There are also reports from regular Middle-East contributors who (as with the previous two shows) would normally be ignored by the mainstream media.

O’Keefe is an excellent presenter with considerable knowledge of Middle-East issues.

The show I watched covered Palestinian issues in Gaza, and it was refreshing to hear from non-political Palestinian citizens and the daily reality they have to live at the hands of the Israelis.

The Health Show

Unfortunately I only saw part of this show presented by Elizabeth Seninde, which featured an alternative form of energy massage or something (I missed the name – but that was the general concept).

Although an interesting subject, I didn’t feel that the programme flowed smoothly or really has any substance that would make it compelling viewing. As with some other presenters, it is early days and as Seninde becomes more comfortable in front of the camera and finds her own style the programme may improve.

Health Ranger Report

This show features Mike Adams who (apparently and according to his own website article/ego) was named as the second most influential person in alternative media – but that was in 2011 – goodness knows where.

I found this very boring. The show consisted of him sitting in a lab droning on and on and on…..

My attention span is not too shabby, but within fifteen minutes of watching this I could feel the attention space in my head becoming full of very mushy material indeed. So mushy I started to lose touch with the subject matter.

Now, it’s not as though this guy is a stranger to being in front of the camera.

Personally, I will not be watching this again – The People’s Voice needs to get someone who is able to present these subjects in a more engaging, unbiased, and less monotonous way – oh yes – and not use it as a platform to promote their own products – which Adams managed to do on several occasions during the time I was conscious during the show. It was more like a long infomercial.

There are plenty of really good alternative nutrition out there – so I am baffled why The People’s Choice chose this guy.

The Banned

Now to something much, much more positive.

The Banned is a show presented by Gareth Icke to showcase music and comedy which has little if no chance of being featured on mainstream media, and more established artists.

It is a fun programme – very light hearted and with some really stupid bits – which makes it all the more engaging.

Icke does a good job of presenting the programme without resorting to the pathetic attention seeking falseness we see from presenters on mainstream media. It is a relaxed programme which seems to go by far too quickly.

The only thing I would say is that it would be nice to see one or two more bands on the programme to replace some of the pre-recorded ‘comedy sketches’.

 The Psychic Clinic

This is a one-hour show hosted by Vanessa Mitchell and Dr Donna Harris PhD.

The show is described as a ‘modern take on all things psychic, spiritual, and paranormal’ with these two presenters chuntering away about various bits and pieces to do with the spiritual realm and different methods and techniques.

Personally, I have a problem with Donna Harris being involved in this programme. I can’t really give you a tangible reason, it is more of a feeling that all is not as it seems. Maybe I am wrong, and I hope so for the sake of the programme, and I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Vanessa Mitchell, you may remember her from around the middle of May last year when the mainstream media ran stories that she was forced to charge people to visit her haunted house (The Cage) so she could pay the mortgage after being terrorised by twelve ghosts.

At the moment, I feel that there are other people who may be better suited to presenting this subject and who could provide an unbiased and objective viewpoint – something The People’s Voice is supposed to be about. It will be interesting to see how this show develops in coming weeks.

 Hidden Science

This is a weekly show presented by Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton which investigates many different kinds of alternative views on modern science, including EMF, Quantum Entanglement, and so on.

This is a very interesting show, with guests from many different disciplines presenting alternative research and views. In the most recent episode, alternative and mainstream research into the effects of wi-fi are discussed among other things.

Dr Menjir does an excellent job of asking the right questions of her guests, and is highly respected in her field – definitely one to watch!

Windows on the World

This is a weekly review programme presented by Mark Windows. Having watched the first episode I think this is another quality programme which will be worth regular viewing.

As with some of the other presenters, Mark Windows has a professional approach which is also entertaining to watch, and kept me engaged though his reviews of various events and some interesting special guests.


This show is described as an exploration of the awakening process presented by former Australian comedienne Elissa Hawke (not sure if I am right in describing someone as being a ‘former’ comedienne).

In the first episode there were calls from people relaying some of their experiences of awakening, and an interview with fellow presenter Ken O’Keefe (Middle East Show).

Elissa is lovely (oh yes) and has a very easy going way with her (although I suspect there is a lot more underneath), which probably suits the subject of the show.

Although the choice of a fellow presenter for the show may seem a little odd, it was very interesting – especially as Ken has a very interesting history of being involved in the struggle of the Palestinian people.

Before interviewing Ken, Elissa telephoned the NSA Terrorist Hotline to express her concern about just about every aspect of the world. I laughed so much. Elissa (having a gentle demeanour when she speaks) was relentless and must have covered every ‘conspiracy theory’ there is in one long string of dialogue. The only thing missing was seeing the face of the guy (Matthew) on the other end of the line who could hardly get a word in – and when he did it was obvious he just didn’t have the heart to challenge or end the call with the gentle voice – until he really had to.

I will be watching this show, although perhaps not to everybody’s taste.

In conclusion, the channel/station is well worth watching, and there are strengths and weaknesses in the programming – and there are other programmes I have yet to watch.

For information on programmes and scheduling you can visit The People’s Voice website.

To be fair, it is the first week and the weaker programmes may get better as they mature and as their presenters find their feet, my only reservation so far is Psychic Clinic.

If you enter the viewing with an open mind and accept that the majority of programming is based on unbiased views, and you are prepared to have your views challenged, then The People’s Voice has a lot to offer.

As with any group of people, even those with ‘alternative’ viewpoints may find it difficult to accept that sometimes other viewpoints may be as valid as theirs, and you can see evidence of this when you look at The People’s Voice Facebook page. There are occasional comments which indicate that some people who claim to be accepting and so on really can be just as bigoted as anyone else. But they are few and far between and are nothing to do with the channel – in fact you don’t even need to look at them unless out of curiosity as I did.

Another important difference I noticed is that is that all of the programmes I watched didn’t seem to be targeted at a particular age group, and in programmes where there was audience interaction such as phone-ins, a wide variety of people felt comfortable in participating. Which is good news for someone of my physical age – somewhere between not being in my 20s and nowhere near drawing a pension!

Our regular visitors/readers know that we don’t pander to egos and such like. If this channel was crap we would tell you – simple as that. But it’s not. In fact it is a refreshing change from the bullshit matrix media we are used to enduring.

It is not perfect, and there are often minor technical problems – which is hardly surprising when the majority of those involved in bringing the images to our screens are not professionals and are going through a learning experience of their own.

As with any other media outlet you will find there are things you like more than others as I have – it’s a personal thing. So far I have not seen anything that either concerns me or which I hate. Even If there were the odd thing I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

IF you have a problem because David Icke is involved and you remember him from the 1990s, then I would suggest you put that in the past and not let it stop you from watching other very interesting material. You may find that your views will change as Icke has changed.

If you don’t give it a chance then you will never know if it is for you or not. And if it’s not then it has cost you nothing at all except a bit of your time – a bit of time when you might learn something new.

I look forward to the station developing, and if it maintains its core ethos then it will become a formidable force against mainstream media.

So when you fancy a break from the corporate whoring ‘trendy’ decision makers of the bullshit matrix – give The People’s Voice a try. 
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