Slave Britain: George Osborne spends £10 MILLION of taxpayer cash Treasury revamp

treasury_1993384bWell – it seems the corruption and deception never stops!

The Sunday Mirror revealed that George Osborne wastes £10 MILLION of taxpayer’s cash on decorating the Treasury.

But – instead of using government maintenance employees to re-decorate, he WASTES YOUR MONEY on very expensive interior designers and very expensive designer furniture.

This at a time when his main mantra is that the welfare system is ‘unsustainable’.

What absolute scum he and his cronies are.

Here are some extracts from the Sunday Mirror article:

Details of the lavish spending emerged following a question tabled in the House of Commons when it was revealed that over two years Mr Osborne has sanctioned a string of deals to smarten up his department.

The items bought have not been disclosed but the firms used by him are. Among the Treasury’s suppliers was Panik Design, which sells £5,500 bookshelves, £3,300 poker card tables and £65 paperweights.

The Chancellor’s department spent at least £1,300 at the Milton Keynes-based company, which claims its studio “showcases some of the world’s best in designer accessories, lighting and furniture”.

The firm, whose clients include Calvin Klein and Christian Dior, boasts that it is “the UK’s largest independent stockist of contemporary design” and offers a “unique range of high-end products”.

Another supplier was furniture firm Ferrious, which sells three-seater leather sofas for £7,600. The Treasury spent at least £1,696 with the company, whose website says: “Our goal is to offer clients the finest furniture, kitchens, lighting and accessories all backed up by an unparalleled interior design service.”

Mr Osborne also sanctioned spending of at least £2,700 at office furniture company Senator which promises: “Our mission is to design, deliver and manufacture innovative office furniture…of the highest quality.”

VAT – had been spent over the past two years refurbishing the Treasury to support “increased occupancy” of the building. When VAT is included, the total cost of the refurb comes to £10.2million.

One Treasury insider said: “I don’t see why we couldn’t have just bought new furniture from Ikea.”

What kind of warped mind could think that this kind of excess is in any way acceptable at a time when people are struggling to cope with the disgusting ‘austerity’ measures implemented by the government and championed by Osborne.

It just goes to show that the government are trying to fool us – to con us into thinking that their slavery agenda is good for us and the country.

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