Social services steal baby from woman’s womb – MP queries ‘forced’ caesarean (#paedobritain #topstories)

baby729-420x0An Italian woman visiting Essex had her baby removed from her womb after Essex social services applied for a court order for a ‘forced’ caesarean section. The child (who is now 15 months old) has been in care and social services refuse to return the child to the mother, even though she now claims she has recovered.

According to articles in the Guardian and the Sunday Telegraph the council appear to have taken the decision to apply for the court order without consulting the woman’s family or next of kin.

The woman was an Italian national who come to Britain in July last year to attend a training course with an airline at Stansted Airport in Essex. Apparently she suffered a panic attack which was brought on (according to her relatives) by missing medication for her bi-polar disorder.

Police became concerned for her and took her to a psychiatric hospital, where she was detained under the Mental Health Act and sectioned.

In August 2012, Essex social services applied to the High Court for an order to have the baby removed from the woman’s womb by caesarean section – which was granted.

In February of this year the mother, who had gone back to Italy, returned to Britain to request the return of her daughter, but a judge ruled the child should be placed for adoption because of the risk of the woman suffering a relapse.

The cause has also been raised before a judge in the High Court in Rome, which has questioned why British care proceedings had been applied to the child of an Italian citizen “habitually resident” in Italy. The Italian judge accepted, though, that the British courts had jurisdiction over the woman, who was deemed to have had no “capacity” to instruct lawyers.

The Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming said on Sunday that he would raise the case in parliament after speaking to the woman involved.

Hemming told the Guardian “I intend to raise this in parliament. I need to speak to the lady tomorrow evening to find out how she wishes to proceed. I can’t work out why they didn’t send her back to Italy. Being in a psychiatric institution when you are without your medication in a foreign country is not a good experience to go through.

“There are considerable problems in the operation of the family courts. Part of the solution to that is greater public scrutiny, but also we need to make sure there is more independence in the evidence provided by expert witnesses, such as social workers.”

This is not the first time that social services have forcibly removed babies in similar circumstances.

Hemming told the Sunday Telegraph “I have seen a number of cases of abuses of people’s rights in the family courts, but this has to be one of the more extreme.

“It involves the Court of Protection authorising a caesarean section without the person concerned being made aware of what was proposed. I worry about the way these decisions about a person’s mental capacity are being taken without any apparent concern as to the effect on the individual being affected.”

Although we are not privy to the details of this woman’s case, there is one thing we can be sure of from other cases – social services don’t care who they steal babies from as long as they get them.

Perhaps that is a new message the government and its cronies want to send to foreign visitors – ‘Visit Britain and we will chop out any bits we can make a profit from’, and if you are not sure how the government (in particular local authorities) make a profit from stealing babies and putting them up for adoption do some research.

This kind of behaviour by local authorities is on the increase, usually targeting those who have experienced some form of mental health problem at some time in their life – even as a child or teenager. 

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