Slave Britain: 5 #welfare changes the #government don’t want you to know about. Including stealing your children!

dwp_2170472cThanks to one of our readers, our attention has been drawn to an informative article by Frances Ryan in the New Statesman.

For copyright reasons we are unable to reproduce the article here, but it is worth reading the detail on the New Statesman website.

It used to be that when politicians wanted to bury bad news they’d orchestrate its release to time with a distracting event. Seeing Iain Duncan Smith publicly criticized for wasting at least £140 million of public money over Universal Credit at the start of this month, it struck me how we’ve slowly reached another level. “Unmitigated disaster”? “Alarmingly weak”? These words were used to describe Universal Credit but could easily have been levelled at a number of largely unreported changes to the benefit system. Nowadays, bad news is buried by even worse news. The sheer volume of inefficient and unethical changes to social security this Government has enacted means some of it doesn’t even get noticed. Which, for a set of politicians hacking at vulnerable people’s support systems, is worryingly convenient.

So, here’s five benefit changes the government doesn’t want you to know about.

  1. Disabled people denied a key benefit have had their right to appeal reduced
  2. Long-term sick people are having their benefits sanctioned … for being sick
  3. 50,000 disabled people are being cut out of work
  4. There’s now a one-year limit on hundreds of thousands of people’s sickness benefit
  5. Eviction letters are now including veiled threats to remove people’s children

You may already be aware of some of the five points, but seeing them together really brings home the real fascist agenda of the current government.

The threat to inform social services if children are on the premises is one of the most disgusting tactics being used against those who are unable to repay rent arrears caused by the bedroom tax and who face eviction.  Threats being sent to those facing eviction include “If you have children in your household we may also inform Social Services,” and in another letter of proceedings “…we must make you aware that if there are children at your property, a referral has now been made to Children’s Social Care (Social Services) as the children at your home are now at risk of becoming homeless.”

What kind of country has the UK become where children can (have been, and will continue to be) forcibly removed from their parents because the government has created a situation where it is impossible for the parents to provide basic shelter?

There is already considerable concern about the power of the state to steal children from parents in the name of profit – search the internet and you will find plenty of heart-breaking examples of how children have been forcibly removed for adoption from homes on the flimsiest of excuses – such as the mother suffering depression as a child. Nothing to do with abuse. Nothing to do with any information which would show the child/children is/are at risk.

Now housing providers are being forced to do the government’s dirty work for them.

Constant lies, corruption, profiteering, and stealth legislation abounds so that the public are forced to move closer to slavery for those who are the most disgusting self-serving scum on this earth – yes – the current government – in fact – any government who uses the public purse to line their own pockets and those of its cronies.

There is nothing to say that any other party who gets in to power will be any different. But there are choices, and there are things we can do to stop this cancer being spread. We need to speak out and send a very clear message that we no longer accept this kind of draconian behaviour from those who are supposed to represent us.

When we are asked to vote – vote for an independent – someone who is not associated with the three main political mafias that have taken control of the government system. The three parties have proven they are not fit to govern, and yet time and again they get elected because people have been programmed to think that they are the only real choice.

We need to start using our brains and peacefully destroy the stranglehold that is stopping our society from being caring and at peace.

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