Don’t call people ‘sheeple’ (#awakening #oneness #consciousness)

Sheeple fools who believe the mainstream news has no agenda but to report the truthThe expression ‘sheeple’ has been bandied around recently to describe people who seem to blindly follow each other and believe everything they are spoon-fed by mainstream media and their government.

It is true that the majority of people are trapped in a very narrow band of thinking which is influenced by being constantly bombarded with messages of what they should and should not do, what they should and should not think, and how they are expected to aspire to achieve certain ‘values’ which are allegedly dictated by society. They are told that if they fail in complying with what is expected of them they will become disenfranchised – shunned by society, and will be forced to live as  ‘non-humans’.

Most people are bombarded with these messages from birth. The social ‘system’ is set-up to programme humans to aspire – to achieve social standing, financial success, to believe everything they are told by ‘authority figures’, and to contribute to society’s wealth.

This process may begin in the home with parents (who have probably been subjected to the same programming) influencing and training their children in aspects of society and expected behaviour. The programming process is then taken over by the state as the child attends school and is taught to comply, and taught what they are expected to do and how they are expected to develop and achieve ‘results. A process which will continue when and if they progress through the ‘education’ system.

In the modern technological world, the programming of children can be further reinforced through the use of information (or disinformation) technology and the use of mass media specifically targeted at influencing their behaviour.

Advertisers and governments have used mainstream media to influence people ever since the radio became a popular form of home entertainment. In our modern world there are many more information resources available to them, and encouraging young people to ‘desire’ the latest cell phones, tablets, game machines etc. is of vital importance in the ‘training’ process.

We often see young people desiring the latest information gadget, such as a particular brand of cell phone. ‘Trends’ are pushed to young people through the use of social media, video and television, and music – most of which are giving the young person a message telling them how they are expected to behave or the views they are expected to have.

This programming continues through life as the person enters the workplace where they are expected to comply and achieve, and into their social networks where they interact with others who have been subjected to the same programming regime.

During a person’s life (even as a child) there are generally very few opportunities for them to find their true place in the world or to explore what the world is truly about so they are able to think and develop their own views and perspectives.

If they are fortunate, a young person may be able to take a ‘year-out’ and travel to far off destinations where they may experience some different culture before returning to their original society. Some will learn from their experience and their perspective of the world will be changed for life, while others may view their experience as an extended holiday and learn very little and quickly return to habitual thinking.

For those who are less fortunate, they are trapped in the programming experience and put under continual pressure to comply in order to reap artificial rewards.

Some people come to a point in life where they start to think about how their society is controlled. This can me prompted by the person having a deep feeling that something is unjust or not right, or though some life experience that opens their eyes to reality.

Having one experience that makes one think and analyse the world may lead to further analysis of society in general. Alternatively, the person can become equally ‘stuck’ in one area and still fail to have a wider view of the world.

So we can see that after decades of programming it is no wonder that many in our society either have a very controlled and narrow view of the world and are unable to consider possible alternatives to the way they live, or they become so confused because their natural feelings are in opposition to the experience they are having that they give up and just comply because it is the easier option or they don’t know what else to do.

With such intense programming and societal pressure, it can be difficult for the person to set themselves free – especially if they are not aware of other possibilities.

Another factor is that in the modern world people are so distracted by their busy daily lives they rarely have the opportunity to really think about or explore other possibilities. And so they become stuck in the cycle of being busy trying to attain false aspirations such as social status and financial ‘wealth’ – although in today’s society many are just trying to maintain some kind of financial stability so anything becomes secondary. In the little time they have to themselves they often spend time trying to escape the reality of their world – again though false social aspirations and indulgences.

People have been trained to fear anything which does not fall within their version of normality, so they will find justification to ignore or dismiss alternatives which directly challenge their perceptions – regardless of fact. Like members of a cult, people will use illogical and spurious arguments to maintain their views even in the face of challenges to the way they live.

This equally applies to many people who hold ‘alternative’ viewpoints. There are those who doggedly hold on to their perceptions and positions on life’s matters and are unwilling or unable to consider other possibilities which challenge them.

We need to remember that we are ALL programmed to some extent and may have lived most of our lives in ignorance of reality, but have been fortunate to realise the truth. So we need to consider those who have yet to ‘awaken’ as just being dormant and in need of our help to overcome the illusion they are experiencing.

There may be some people who only need a little help to awaken and break their habitual programmed behaviour, and there may be others who need more help in overcoming the fear of venturing into the ‘unknown’. It is inevitable that there will be some who are either unable or don’t want to consider alternatives to the way they live and the perceptions they have – such is the nature of the human psych.

So let’s get rid of the expression ‘sheeple’ and remember that perhaps we were ‘sheeple’ once (or maybe still are) and that it took something – perhaps a little push so we could follow our own path –  to realise that there are other possibilities in the world.


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