#Slave #Britain: #Cameron thinks #austerity is a good thing and should continue forever.

David-Cameron-008In (yet) another demonstration of how out of touch he is, Cameron made a stupid and moronic statement on Monday during the Lord Mayor’s Banquet in London,

According to Cameron, if the conservatives win the next election in 2015 they will continue and expand austerity measures whatever the state of the economy. According to Cameron, he and his cronies have a ‘vision’ of a ‘heavily reduced public sector’. “It also means something more profound, it means building a leaner, more efficient state.  We need to do more with less. Not just now, but permanently,” he said.

What Cameron is saying is that more and more public sector workers will become unemployed, and those who remain will face more and more unreasonable working conditions as the government puts pressure on them to provide the same level of public service. As it becomes obvious that Cameron’s ‘austerity’ measures are unworkable in the real world, and public services are undeliverable, service provision will be limited to those who can afford to pay. Everyone else will be shunned by the state.

Further reduction in the provision of public services will virtually destroy all infrastructures which serve society. In their place will come private companies providing cheap and inferior services through highly lucrative private contracts.

We will see more companies such as Serco, Atos, and the other ‘friends’ of the government gaining an inroad into more public service sectors for their own profit. In return they will employ people on slavery contracts.

Cameron’s is laying the foundation for the privatisation of every aspect of our ‘society’.

The days of government looking after their citizens through a humanitarian focused and fair system are disappearing fast, and in its place is developing a greedy, selfish, and money-driven system that will continue to be exploitative and exclusive.

During the same speech, Cameron cited government plans to push ahead with the doomed and overly-expensive HS2 rail line as a government success and vision of the future. Perhaps Cameron has not heard the majority of expert analyses which criticise the project as a waste of public funds.

Cameron also said that Britain has to undergo a “fundamental culture change”, and described it as a “culture that’s on the side of those who work hard, which values that typically British, entrepreneurial, buccaneering spirit, and which rewards people with the ambition to make things, sell things and create jobs for others”.

Considering that Cameron has no idea what it is like to be ‘typically British’, having been brought up as an over-privileged brat where he has never had to work for anything, and has relied on his in-laws and their contacts to find him ‘soft jobs’ – he is hardly in a position to make such a statement.

Noticeably absent in his speech was any reference to a caring society, where the poor and vulnerable can feel secure and will be looked after so they do not unnecessarily suffer. In fact, it was the complete opposite – where everyone will be forced into some form of slave labour to further serve the fortune making of the already rich.

Time and again Cameron demonstrates that he has no idea of reality. He thinks that the rest of the country is stupid and unable to clearly see what he and his cronies are up to – how wrong he is. His sycophants will inform and advise him, further reinforcing his madness.

Through continual demonstration of his deluded view of the world the only conclusion we can come to for his idiotic ramblings and actions is that he must be suffering from some form of clinical mental affliction.

Cameron and his cronies must go before we are plunged into a nightmare of oppression and slavery last seen centuries ago.

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