#Paxman calls #Cameron ‘a complete idiot’ and downing street demands an apology – as if!

paxJeremy Paxman has enjoyed a higher than usual profile in the media over the past couple of weeks. First of all there was the interview with Russell Brand, then Nick Clegg condemning him for ‘sneering’ at politicians, and now he is getting attention for calling David Cameron ‘a complete idiot’ when he appeared on the BBC’s Graham Norton show.

Paxman was criticising Cameron for his plans to hold a First World War centenary celebration next year.

During the interview with Graham Norton, Paxman said he was concerned by Cameron “…talking about how millions of pounds were going to be spent marking this anniversary” and the fact that Cameron had “compared it with the celebrations for the Diamond Jubilee.”

“Therefore people get the idea that somehow this is going to be celebrated. Well, only a complete idiot would celebrate such a calamity. Three quarters of a million men never came back to this country. Millions of men served. Millions of men were wounded mentally and physically. No one would celebrate that. It was just Cameron’s clumsy use of language.”

Downing Street has written to the BBC demanding that Paxman is forced to apologise for his comments, which Downing Street claim are ‘inaccurate and ill-founded’.

We think that Paxman should stand his ground and not be bullied by Downing Street into retracting comments which have a very firm foundation in the TRUTH – something Downing Street should take a lesson from.

Perhaps Downing Street feel that because Paxman is employed by the BBC (also known as the government’s propaganda machine) that the only views Paxman should be permitted to express (either in his role at the BBC or as a private person) are those dictated to the corporation by Downing Street.

The attack on Paxman from Nick Clegg came during Clegg’s weekly broadcast on his LBC radio show. Clegg accused Paxman of treating politicians as ‘rogues and charlatans’,  and further criticised Paxman for making a living from politics, describing him as “…a guy who gets paid a million pounds, thereabouts, paid for by taxpayers”, who “lives off politics and [..] spends all his time sneering at politics”.

Clegg’s comments have only served to prove that politicians are up their own backsides with little concept of reality or what the wider electorate think of them.

Clegg also attacked Paxman for saying he once didn’t vote because he found the candidate choice ‘unappetising’. How many of us have felt like that during an election and tend either to not bother voting or voting for some default candidate?

This whole Paxman scenario is yet another demonstration that those who are supposed to govern this country are unfit for purpose. When a high profile figure like Paxman expresses a truthful and accurate opinion, immediately the politicos try to deride and dismiss anything the person may have said which goes against politicians deluded vision of themselves.

They seem to fail to realise that it is their reaction time and time again – their failure to LISTEN and ACT in the interest of the people – that generates so much animosity towards them. Instead of taking alternative views on board and thinking about them, they resort to knee-jerk reactions to protect their own position.

Paxman has been right and truthful in everything he has said – and politicians constantly affirm these views with their obviously corrupt and manipulative tactics.

Cameron is an idiot of the highest order for comparing one of the most horrific tragedies in our history to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. War is NOT something to be celebrated; it is something that we are supposed to learn from – something that should make politicians THINK before they condemn thousands of people to misery. Of course, it is those who have never experienced the horrors of war who are so quick to jump to military action – such as Cameron et al.

The comments of Cameron are just another nail in his coffin, and affirmation that he and his cronies ARE indeed idiots of the highest order.

Paxman is one of very few public figures who have had the guts to express what he and millions of others see as the truth about elements in our society which/who are responsible for the terrible state we are in, and the worse state that is to come if they are allowed to continue.

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3 thoughts on “#Paxman calls #Cameron ‘a complete idiot’ and downing street demands an apology – as if!

  1. Paxman was right no apology fight the power. Cameron is an idiot greasy faced vampire. Comparing a commemoration of a horrific war is wrong and a memorial service should not cost as much as the diamond jubilee why is he so loose with our money on things like this while cutting budgets in every public service going?

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