#Slave #Britain: UK ministers and the great #energy swindle

_70355871_70355869The government have announced that a consortium led by French company EDF, which includes a minority investment from China National Nuclear Corporation and China General Nuclear Power Corporation, will build a new nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point in Somerset – known as Hinkley Point C.

As a sweetener for investors, the government has guaranteed that wholesale electricity prices will be DOUBLE their current rate by the time the plant is completed and generating power – at a price of £92.50 per megawatt hour.

The announcement of the consortium’s investment of £16 billion comes at a time when major energy suppliers in the UK have (again) raised the cost of domestic energy way over the rate of inflation.

Last week Scottish and Southern Electricity announced an 8.2% price rise, and British Gas followed that with the announcement that its electricity prices were to surge by 10.4% and its gas prices by 8.4% from 23 November. Today, Npower has announced a 10.4% increase in prices for its customers.

The government have done NOTHING to control the profiteering of the ‘big six’ energy companies despite pre-election promises. If anything, the situation for the consumer has become considerably worse as energy companies take advantage of the lack of regulation and control to make big profits.

Although the government are guaranteeing prices for the EDF consortium, they refuse to offer or guarantee any price control for the consumer. In between statements speculating on how much the consortium deal will save the consumer in 2030 (£77 per annum) the government refuse to guarantee that these saving will be made.

In fact, the consumer will not benefit at all.

If the consumer does save £77 per annum in 2030, the cost of subsidising the project is estimated to be between £800 million and £1 billion – which you can be sure the consumer will be paying for in one way or another which will totally negate any savings made on energy.

Dr Paul Dorfman, from the Energy Institute at University College London, told the BBC  “What it equates to actually is a subsidy and the coalition said they would never subsidise nuclear”.

He added: “It is essentially a subsidy of between what we calculate to be £800m to £1bn a year that the UK taxpayer and energy consumer will be putting into the deep pockets of Chinese and French corporations, which are essentially their governments.”

Instead of making long-term investments in renewable and sustainable energy for the good of all, we see the government (again) entering into unbelievably stupid arrangements which will end up costing citizens more and put more money in the pockets of ministers (either directly or through their private investments) and their cronies.

The government are running the country as if it were their own personal piggy bank.

The British people are fed up of being lied to by ‘government’ and of being lied to by the energy companies. The factual information is out there for anyone to see, and big profits with minimal investment in future technologies is what the ‘big six’ and their government conspirators are all about.

Recently, even Ed Milliband (almost) accused the government and energy companies of blatant lying and scaremongering when he appeared on BBC’s Watchdog programme.

The government are in a position to spread any propaganda they want – even downright lies – as we have seen on many occasions, but perhaps most notably the lies of Iain Duncan Smith about welfare reforms.

All they need is a majority of people to either be stupid or complacent and they can do virtually whatever they want with little resistance.

Government ministers have a long history of close ties with the energy industry in some form which enhances the minister’s financial position – usually when they have been kicked out of government.

According to the World Development Movement, one third of ministers are linked to companies responsible for spreading climate change propaganda and fuelling the energy myth that has become part of our daily news.

Top cabinet ministers including William Hague, Vince Cable, George Osborne and Michael Gove have links with big finance, oil and coal companies that are driving climate change.

The disgraced ex-energy and climate change cabinet secretary Chris Huhne has become the European manager of Zilkha Biomass Energy. Not bad for someone who was proven to be corrupt whilst in government.

The Tory MP the right wants to replace Tim Yeo as chair of the energy and climate change committee has been paid £70,500 by oil company Tethys Petroleum since 2012.

Lord Mandelson has been ordered to ‘come clean’ over his possible ties with energy companies after he criticised Ed Miliband’s plan to cap gas and electricity bills.

George Osborne blames Ed Miliband’s ‘green’ policies for forcing up bills and wants them scrapped so his energy company pals can make more profit. You know damn well that if they were scrapped (making up only 3% of energy companies costs) the consumer would never benefit.

This is one big con – and it is SO obvious.

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