Sarin evidence found in #Syria – is John Kerry and idiot or insane?

kerryHe is at it again. More inane rants from a very inane man.

John Kerry claims that the US has evidence independent of the UN that the nerve agent sarin was used in the recent attack in Syria.

Surprise, surprise.

Most of the world has strongly suspected that sarin was used in the attack, so Kerry’s latest rant is hardly new. The problem is establishing WHO used sarin.

As can be expected from Kerry, he is twisting the ‘discovery’ to justify the Obama administration’s proposals to attack Syria.

The fact is that the Obama lackeys have failed to provide any reliable EVIDENCE that the Syrian government are responsible for using sarin in Syria. A few months ago the US tried to convince other countries and the UN that it had ‘evidence’. The ‘evidence’ was strongly criticised as being far below the standards set out for establishing if a nation has used chemical weapons and was rejected, most strongly by the UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon.

We can reliably consider that any claim made by the US that the Syrian government used sarin is either far below any reasonable standard of proof, or is just a plain old lie.

There is well documented and reliable EVIDENCE that the rebels have access to, and have used sarin in attacks against Syrian civilians – however, the likes of Kerry choose to ignore THAT evidence.

The only thing Kerry is doing is warmongering along with his mate, Obama.

Perhaps he has forgotten (or is ignorant of the fact of) how al-Qaeda is funded and of their influence on recent developments in the Middle-East. Or how the ‘rebels’ in Syria have a very, very strong extremist element driving them and providing much of the manpower for the conflict.

To the rest of the world it could easily seem as though al-Qaeda and other such extremist organisations are the ‘boot boys’ of the US and close allies.

It seems very suspicious that these extremist organisations seem to pop-up in areas where the US et al are desperate to get a foothold, usually where there are goodies to be had – such as oil, and precious mineral deposits – or it could just be coincidence of course.

Obama seems to have has a bit of a rethink about his enthusiasm to bomb the hell out of men, women, and children since his ‘special relationship’ with the UK seems to have gone down the toilet pan.

Obviously Obama does not share the same enthusiasm as Kerry for their French liaison, stating that he will now refer the decision to go on a warmongering expedition to congress.

In the space of a few days, we have gone from the ‘determination’ of the US and UK to take action against the Syrian government (and us having to put up with months and months of bullshit propaganda), to Cameron having to halt his vicious plans as support falls far short of his expectations, and Obama having second thoughts now his best buddy (Cameron) is out of the running.

As for Kerry – he will continue spouting stupid, manipulative, and illogical arguments until he is told to shut up by someone and told to stop being such an arse. No matter how much he tries, his public interpretation of ‘evidence’ is preceded by inaccurate and highly dubious actions by the US administration which will continue to cast doubt on anything he says.

It is time Kerry and his associates started to contribute something worthwhile to the world instead of continually trying to destroy it.

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