UK and US government SCUM still to attack #Syria – even though Assad is allowing UN inspections!

wantedposterWords just don’t seem appropriate to fully express our absolute and pure disgust at being in the same country as the warmongers who are intent on causing maximum distress to the people of Syria.

Even though Assad agreed to UN inspectors visiting the site of last Wednesday’s alleged attack, the likes of Obama, Cameron, and Hague are still intent on military action against the Assad regime.

If anything, this makes us more suspicious that the US and UK are behind the attack.

Both the US and UK (and to some extent France) have been looking for an excuse to intervene and militarily assist the rebel factions because they are losing the fight – mainly because they are a rag-tag rabble of useless idiots and psychopathic extremists. If you want proof – take a look at videos of them ‘fighting’ on LiveLeak. If it were not for the barbaric consequences on the people of Syria the rebels would be a joke.

The public have been firmly against any military assistance of the rebels – which has been a thorn in the side of the US and UK who desperately want to cause maximum disruption in the area. If you want proof of that take a look at the news reports from before and after the G8 earlier this year.

Before the G8, Cameron et al were very cocky and self-assured that there would be a consensus to arm the Syrian rebels. However, they soon discovered that other attendees were not so keen, and realised that public opinion was firmly against them – which was reflected in Cameron’s evasive and sheepish statements after the conference.

Since the G8, both Obama and Cameron have been looking for a way to sway public opinion in their favour. The public are not as gullible as Cameron and Obama thought, and the atrocities of the rebel factions soon drew criticism of Obama and Cameron’s enthusiasm for trying to turn the course of another country’s internal conflict.

The Syrian rebels have been PROVEN to have access to significant quantities of sarin and have been PROVEN to have used the nerve agent against Syrian civilians. Carla del Ponte, Commissioner of the UN’s Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria, stated that the rebels forces are in possession of sarin and there is evidence that the rebels have used the agent in several attacks on civilians. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticised the US government for presenting unreliable ‘evidence’ concerning claims of sarin use earlier this year, and urged extreme caution to UN members in considering the ‘evidence’.

Both the UK and US governments have virtually ignored EVIDENCE that contravenes their statements that Assad has been using sarin. When confronted with EVIDENCE that the rebel factions are in possession of, and have used, sarin the only reply is that they ‘don’t have the capability’ to mount significant chemical weapons attacks.

Absolute and utter rubbish. The rebels have been assisted by the CIA long before demonstrations started in Damascus in April 2011. Since then, there are numerous photographs of rebel fighters in possession of weapons (some shiny new ones) supplied by western governments (the US in particular). They certainly didn’t get them from WalMart! Supplied by the US and delivered (mainly) through Saudi Arabia. The US have also arranged for military hardware to reach the rebels via Sudan.

CIA operatives have been operating in Turkey and Croatia, arranging arms shipments and other military support. The rebels have also been supplied with heavy weapons via Saudi Arabia, including antitank and antiaircraft missiles, and received training by the CIA.

Members of the rebel faction have been arrested in Turkey in possession of sarin, and the nerve agent has been PROVEN to have been used in rebel attacks on several outlying villages as they advanced towards the capital. They certainly have access to enough sarin to create an effective attack such as that on Wednesday, and they certainly have access to the weaponry to deliver it. The rebels have launched similar attacks (such as their sarin attack on the Aleppo suburb of Khan al-Assal), using Basha’ir-3 rockets, which they make themselves.

The US and UK have accused the Syrian government of being responsible for the ‘attack’ on Wednesday, before any inspection has been conducted and before any evidence has been found.

At the moment, there is NO EVIDENCE of who is responsible for Wednesday’s ‘attack’.

Perhaps when Assad agreed to the inspection of the site of Wednesday’s attack the US and UK were caught off-guard. Perhaps they never expected him to agree, and now that he has government lackey William Hague has come up with the excuse that it is now too late, and that evidence could have been tampered with.

Let’s take a little look at that extremely stupid statement.

The area where the attack took place was (and is) tightly controlled by rebels. Security is so tight that they wouldn’t even allow the International Red Cross to enter the area.

If we are to believe Hague, some magic must have happened. According to his statement, person’s unknown must have entered the area and performed a clean-up of debris, including removing all traces of projectiles used in the attack, and at the same time removed all significant traces of sarin which was responsible for affecting in excess of 3000 people.

These tasks would take teams of people to scour tons of rubble – including digging with heavy machinery – and would certainly take them more than a few days to complete. But according to Hague, somehow magic happened and this was all completed right under the noses of rebels who were on high alert without them noticing a thing!

Even taking into account the limitations of the political mind, this STORY is absolutely ridiculous and to say such a stupid thing in public as an excuse to execute an already planned action is just beyond words.

Action against Syria has been planned for a long time, and the US and UK governments have been looking for any small excuse to flex their military muscle but it hasn’t come.

Taking all of the provable EVIDENCE (instead of the ridiculous lies of politicians) into account, the only conclusion we can come to is that this attack has been planned as a false-flag operation by the US and UK in particular.

It took place at a time when UN inspectors had just arrived in the country. We cannot believe that Assad (if his government were using chemical weapons) would be SO stupid as to launch a chemical attack at that time. He and his government would have absolutely NOTHING to gain by such an action. In fact, they would cause themselves more damage and lose any support of Syrian citizens and others around the world they had or have.

The US and UK governments, and the Syrian rebels would have a lot to gain. At a time when the rebels are losing their fight they need an event which would bring them expert military support. The UK and US governments have an ideal opportunity in which to proclaim how evil Assad is because he is allegedly responsible for committing a horrific war crime – the worst single catastrophe seen in the Syrian conflict so far. An event that any reasonable person would find abhorrent – the perfect excuse to step-in.

Cameron has been fortunate in that parliament is in recess. This means that all of the members of parliament that have been critical of Britain intervening and supporting the rebels are not around to vote against him or to protest.

The last time the issue of Britain intervening and supporting the Syrian rebels was discussed, Cameron was told very firmly by the majority of parliament that he must not take action without it being discussed in open parliament. He was told that any support of the rebels is not a decision he or his government is entitled to take alone. How convenient then that parliament is in recess and many members are away on holiday and involved in other activities which would make it difficult (if not impossible) for them to return to London in time before a decision is made.

The attack on Wednesday is a prime example of a false-flag operation.

The disgusting criminals who purport to be leaders and politicians have no concern for the effects of their actions on the Syrian people.

Assad is not perfect by any means, but the alternative for the people of Syria is a thousand times worse.

Obama, Cameron, Hague, and their cronies can only be considered to be the most disgusting filth on this planet and in the history of modern politics. They will be remembered in history alongside the most evil dictators of the world.

They are SCUM – and that is the most polite term we can use at the present time.

The majority of the British and American people are totally against our governments in their support of the rebel faction. It makes us incredibly angry, outraged, and embarrassed that supposed ‘fellow countrymen’ behave in such a despicable manner.

We must come together and ensure that our so-called ‘leaders’ and those who choose to support their illegal and immoral actions understand that their behaviour is no longer acceptable by the majority.

It is time to take action because words are falling on ignorant ears.

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3 thoughts on “UK and US government SCUM still to attack #Syria – even though Assad is allowing UN inspections!

  1. I totally, totally agree with everything you’ve said here.When I heard that weasel Hague making his ridiculous claims about ‘destruction of evidence’ in one breath and yet claiming he was sure it was Assad ‘wot dun it’ in the next I felt like smashing the TV. And as you rightly imply, its no coincidence that this situation has arisen when parliament is in recession. The BBC this morning are telling us the UN inspectors have begun their investigation which will hopefully force Obama and Cameron to hold back from attacking immediately but it seems clear from headlines in the right wing press (‘missile strikes within days’) that they’ve already decided to do it soon. So the UN inspection will probably be conveniently ‘inconclusive’ at best and in my mind is just a PR exercise. The big worry for me is what Russia and China will do given the threats they’ve made. Cameron and Obama seem blithely indifferent to the fact that they may be about to trigger WW3.

  2. Thanks for your comment sparaszczukster.

    We felt the same when we heard the news, and found it difficult to contain the true rage and disgust at the ridiculous lies we were hearing.

    In the latest rubbish to come out of Hague’s orifice, he is saying that diplomacy has not worked. Of course it hasn’t, because it was the Syrian opposition and the US sabotaged peace talks!!

    If this were not such a serious situation it would be like a very bad plot from a low rate movie which would be totally trashed by critics. But because ‘politicians’ and their pet media are telling the story many of the public think it is the ‘truth’!

    Looking at the timeline of statements by the US and UK governments, and events taking place during that time (such as the sham of peace talks) it seems that this plan has been in place for well over a year.

    As of this morning, Cameron has still not recalled parliament, even though MPs are telling him to do so.

    Hague has said that the UN has ‘not shouldered it’s responsibilities’ which is ridiculous. What he means is that most of the rest of the world will not back the warmongering actions of the US and UK.

    You are 100% right about the UN inspectors. Very convenient timing and now the seed has been sewn that ‘evidence’ could have been magically tampered with, the outcome of their so-called ‘inspection’ seems inevitable.

    Not too sure about the Russians and Chinese – they have both been keeping a fairly low profile considering the escalation of events.

    Russia seems to have taken a much more reasonable stance on Syria, and considering that they are allies of Syria have shown restraint so far. As for China, we are not sure if they will intervene. Russia has had warships in the area for a while,

    We are totally ashamed of the US and UK governments. Hopefully something will happen that will halt their aggression, but whatever it may be needs to happen damn fast to stop another atrocity taking place.

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