#Obama puppet Samantha Power has some very hypocritical views on #Israel and #Syria

Senate UN AmbassadorThe latest Obama mouthpiece to make their way in to the international political arena is in the form of Samantha Power (is that her real name?), who has been selected to be the US ambassador to the United Nations.

Adding to the never-ending stream of political bull that comes out of the Whitehouse, Power has pledged to defend Israel’s legitimacy. In a statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, Power said “Israel’s legitimacy should be beyond dispute, and its security must be beyond doubt. Just as I have done the last four years as President Obama’s UN adviser at the White House, I will stand up for Israel and work tirelessly to defend it.”

Power also criticised the UN, stating that she has observed “unacceptable bias and attacks against the State of Israel,” as well as criticising “the absurdity” of Iran being chair of the UN Conference on Disarmament.

Obama’s pet should know better.

She experienced the Bosnian war as a journalist, writing a book about her experiences (A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide) in which she criticised the US for failing to stop the genocide taking place.

If she was horrified by the genocide taking place in Bosnia and the US doing nothing to stop it, it seems very strange that she is willing to support the genocidal regime of Israel against Palestinians and the US stance of positively supporting the crackpot Israeli government.

While we are on the subject of genocide, Power stated “We see the failure of the UN Security Council to respond to the slaughter in Syria – a disgrace that history will judge harshly,” insinuating that she supports the supply of military support to the Free Syrian Army and the extremist barbarians who have committed horrendous war crimes against the civilian population.

It seems she has happily prostituted her conscience for a nice cushy job where she can bathe in the light of her God Obama, and no doubt make some nice cash in the process. So much for being concerned about genocide.

This puppet will do nothing that will be meaningful at the UN. She will blindly obey orders, which will no doubt lead to more international problems.

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