#Hague gives rebels in #Syria chemical weapon protective equipment – what a moron!

hcThey just can’t admit they are wrong or that they have an ulterior agenda. The UK government is sending £650,000 worth of chemical weapon protection to the Syrian rebel forces – is that in case they start gassing themselves?

Idiot Hague announced today that he will be sending 5,000 gas cape hoods, nerve-agent pre-treatment tablets, and a chemical weapon detector to the Syrian National Coalition.

According to the statement by the idiot “We plan to equip the moderate armed opposition with 5,000 escape hoods, nerve-agent pre-treatment tablets (NAPs) and chemical-weapons detector paper.” He also said “The gift has undergone intense scrutiny to ensure that we are providing the best possible support to the Syrian opposition and that we meet all our international obligations.”

Well, if meeting international obligations is what he and his cronies are concerned with, then perhaps they ought to concentrate their efforts on helping the civilians who are subjected to daily brutality at the hands of the Free Syrian Army – not support the regime who is (beyond any reasonable doubt) guilty of the most horrific war crimes. He may also like to note that supporting such a regime is against international law – not that any of the allied western nations are likely to be prosecuted of course.

All we ever hear from the UK government is how they want to arm the rebels, not how they want to stop the atrocities taking place against ordinary citizens who lived in relative peace before the conflict started.

The government also states that is it ‘committed’ to pursuing diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict. We have yet to see evidence of any significant effort by the UK government in that area. Not much of a commitment there compared to their commitment to arming a group of barbarians.

The Syrian people may not have been as ‘free’ as they wanted (although that is open to debate), but at least they didn’t get limbs and heads hacked off by crazy extremists, or live every day in fear of which barbaric treatment they are going to be subjected to next.

The UK government have very twisted priorities, which obviously do not encompass anything remotely humanitarian. As for Hague – he probably does as he is told by big boss Cameron – which really doesn’t seem too advantageous for the people of Syria.

The £650,000 would have been better used to alleviate the plight of Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, or any of the other countries they have fled to in an attempt to escape the barbarity of the rebel faction in Syria.

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