More #UK government #corruption, #inhumanity, and social engineering

jer-hunt_2205556bThe extent of Cameron’s government’s corruption and inhumanity seems to have no end. During the past seven days there have been more revelations of the government’s corruption, and more government statements which show an institutionalised inhumane culture towards the people of the UK.

The daily newspaper The Telegraph has revealed how the government’s culture minister, Jeremy Hunt, avoided paying £100,000 in tax days before a 10% rise in tax on dividends.

Hunt was paid a dividend by one of his companies after an office building it owned was transferred to into the names of himself and his business partner, Mike Elms, in a £1.8 million deal. The building was then leased back to their company at a rent of £60,750 a year. This manoeuvre saved the partners £202,000 in tax payments.

The name of the company the pair own is Hotcourses, with Hunt holding 48.6% in shares for which he receives annual dividends. Hunt resigned as a director in 2009.

The exposure of his manipulative tax avoidance was revealed as part of an investigation into his relationship with the Murdoch family and their plans to take over BskyB. Hunt is accused of having several meetings with the Murdoch family and attempting to support their takeover plans through starting campaigns against government figures opposed to the Murdoch takeover, and of appeasing Murdoch inappropriately.

Cameron’s health minister, Norman Lamb, has landed himself in hot water by claiming that neighbourhood watch groups should help “lonely and miserable” pensioners.

Lamb said he wanted to see existing groups apply for ‘care status’ so they can wash and feed the elderly as well as providing companionship. In an interview with the Telegraph he said ‘We have a national movement that looks out for whether our houses are being burgled, so should we not be thinking – all of us stepping up to the plate – about whether there are people on our streets who have care needs, or who might just be very lonely and could do with a bit of companionship?”

In effect Lamb is saying that the government is not interested in providing proper care to people who have made significant contributions to the UK and kept him and his cronies in the life they have become accustomed to.

If it were not for his government’s atrocious attitude to the less fortunate in society, and their policies which have resulted (and will continue to result) in the breakdown of society’s structure, perhaps there wouldn’t be so many vulnerable people (not just pensioners) living in the UK.

In an attempt to find an excuse for his statement Lamb said that care services were being put under increasing pressure because of the growing elderly population. He again failed to mention that the current state of care has more to do with government financial polices which turn the vulnerable into money-saving (or money-making) targets.

Although there is nothing wrong with groups such as neighbourhood watch visiting the elderly and vulnerable for companionship, there is a lot wrong with such groups providing personal care.

Since local councils were forced to outsource care for the elderly (although this applies to all home care) there has been a sharp decline in the quality and frequency of care people receive. The main reason is that care has become ‘commercialised’ instead of remaining a social service. In turn, this has led to unscrupulous companies who employ inappropriate and under trained staff in an attempt to offer the lowest bid for care contracts.

Some of the biggest care contracts have gone to government cronies, such as Serco – hardly a glowing example of the privatisation of care.

Although neighbourhood watch and similar groups will no doubt have the best intentions and are to be praised for their willingness to help, the fact remains that they are not care professionals – which has been a problem in the care sector since privatisation.

Lamb should concentrate his efforts on sorting out the existing corrupt system before trying to pass-the-buck. A real initiative on controlling the waste within the care system would release huge amounts of cash which could go into providing much better care for everyone.

Look in your own back yard Lamb – and stop looking for excuses.

In another report, the Resolution Foundation have released a report showing that at least a third of the property rental market is inaccessible to middle and low income families.

According to the report, most of the south of England, and in particular London and the surrounding counties, have a lack of social housing, and rents are so high that it is impossible for working families with a moderate or low income to afford.

In the report, ‘affordable’ is defined as rent which costs no more than 35% of the net household income.

The housing minister, Mark Prisk, said the report was “factually flawed” and failed to take housing benefit into account.

What Prisk doesn’t seem to have taken into account are two government policies which severely restrict where the poor and less well-off are able to live.

First there is the ‘bedroom tax’ which has forced thousands of people to move away from areas where they have family and social connections. Many of those have had to move away from London and the south-east.

Secondly there is the government’s benefit cap, which on the surface doesn’t seem too bad until you realise that the cap prevents those on low or no income to live in London or the South East. The National Housing Association has criticised the cap for not taking into account the high cost of accommodation in London and the south-east.

Haringey council have said they are struggling to implement government restrictions. The council estimate that they will have to spend £2 million from their council budget to subsidise the benefits cap – money which is much needed in other areas.

Yet again, this is another government attempt at social engineering. The poor will be banished from the centres of commerce to places where there is no employment, where they will be forced to live in run-down housing, and far away from historical family and social ties. People who have contributed to the system for most of their working lives and who have become unemployed directly because of the corrupt and incompetent policies of the government will be shunned by the system they have supported for so many years.

It is an absolute disgrace that those very affluent ‘ministers’ who sit in their ivory towers with no concept of reality, and who are only able to be in their positions because the public have allowed them to be, are able to make such outrageous decisions – they are biting the hands that have fed them, and there will be ramifications when the majority of people wake up and decide to do something about it.

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