#Syria: #Obama and #Cameron desire to arm rebels is based in lies.

Free-Syrian-ArmyAt last the mainstream media is switching on to the fact that the Syrian conflict is not the ‘fight for freedom’ that the public has been misinformed about since 2011.

The latest reports of extremists killing the leader of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) should come as no surprise to anyone. The FSA has been a shambolic organisation from its inception, with constant in-fighting and battles for leadership.

If we were to believe the rhetoric of Obama, Cameron, and some other ‘leaders’, the FSA was the voice of the Syrian people demanding freedom from the Assad government’s oppression. This was championed as a true ‘people’s revolution’ in which the majority of Syrian citizens supported the FSA cause.

As the conflict has progressed, the reality of the Syrian conflict gradually leaked out to the world, which showed (to anyone who bothered to do the minimum of FACTUAL research) that the driving force behind the ‘people’s revolution’ was a dark and barbaric force with its roots in extremist doctrine and brutality.

The beheading, torture, summary execution, killing of babies and children, and other war crimes against the citizens of Syria were blamed on Assad’s army by western administrations, as was the use of the nerve agent sarin.

The US (through the CIA) attempted to fabricate ‘evidence’ that the Syrian army had used sarin, but the ‘evidence’ was so poor that it was rejected by the UN and many of the governments the US tried to pressure into supporting the rebels. In fact, the so-called ‘evidence’ was of such a poor quality that it failed to reach minimum international standards on evidence collected concerning the use and manufacture of chemical weapons.

While western governments (in particular the US, UK, and France) tried to keep up their lies about the Syrian situation in an attempt to make the public accept arming the rebel faction, more information and facts concerning the reality of the conflict filtered through into the public domain.

The barbaric treatment of villagers in Hatla in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor, where the FSA took over the town by intimidating the residents through rape, chopping off limbs, beheading babies, and killing farmers was revealed through reliable eye-witness testimony and intelligence gathered by human rights organisations.

The summary execution of Syrian officials, including government administrators and police, took place in many small towns as the FSA advanced. Some were shot, others were tortured then killed in outright, others beheaded, and others were subjected to a very slow death – all taking place in public areas as an example to anyone who was thinking of opposing the rebels authority.

More recently, there was the beheading of a Catholic priest, Father Francois Murad, and his assistant by a baying mob of rebels. The bishop and his assistant had committed no crime and offered no threat to the rebels, but they decided they must kill them anyway, even encouraging their children to take part in the disgusting spectacle. Many other religious figures have been killed by the rebels as they rampage.

A 14 year old boy, Mohammed Qataa, was brutalised and killed by rebels in front of his mother over an insignificant joke as he served coffee from the family’s stall in the Shaar district of Aleppo. Another boy aged 13 was taken by rebels and later returned to his parents with kneecaps smashed, genitals removed, and three gunshot wounds.

Many other atrocities have taken place across Syria by the rebel factions who are part of the FSA fighting the Assad government, and many more are to come as the rebels continue to terrorise Syria’s citizens.

The reasons for western governments supporting the FSA throughout the course of the conflict have been adapted and changed depending on revealed truths and public opinion.

As we mentioned previously, the FSA were championed by western government as supporting the ‘people’s revolution’ and were formed in the wake of demonstrations calling for the ousting of the Ba’ath Party government.

The FSA announced their formation via a video posted on YouTube which was released on 29th July 2011, four months after the demonstrations began. The FSA was being led at that time by Colonel Raid al-Assad, who declared that the FSA would work closely with the Syrian National Council (who claim to be a coalition of opposition groups to the Syrian government) , based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since its inception, the FSA has been criticised by human rights organisations, such as Human Rights Watch, for conducting kidnappings, summary executions, and other atrocities which are war crimes under international law. Torture by the FSA is rife throughout the region.

An example of the FSA’s barbarity took place in Jebel al Zawiyah in northern Syria by the ‘Daoud Battalion’ of the FSA. They put prisoners into cars and other vehicles rigged with explosives, and would remotely detonate them when they reached Syrian government checkpoints.

The FSA also attracted and welcomed fighters from all over the Middle-East and beyond. Mercenaries from Croatia, Kuwait, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, and so on have taken part in the conflict since the FSA was formed, but other and more extreme elements have also been recruited by the FSA as the conflict has moved on.

Al-Qaeda has been heavily involved in the Syrian conflict since the start. Although little was known of the extent of the extremist organisation’s influence on the Syrian conflict – according to mainstream media – their involvement has increased through their ‘affiliate’ in Syria, the ‘al-Nusra Front’.

For those who are unaware of al-Qaeda came into being, here is a graphic which shows how they came to be a major ‘terrorist’ force:


The FSA has become increasingly unstable as an opposition force as a result of disagreements and in-fighting. As could have been predicted of an organisation that consists of extremists and various groups, power struggles have become the focus of their ‘war’ and no longer (if they ever did) have anything to do with freeing the people from an oppressive government.

Although the mainstream media has repeated information it has been given by western governments that the FSA is separate from ‘extremist groups’, the facts show a very different series of events and motives.

The FSA and the ‘extremist’ factions (i.e.: al-Qaeda via the al-Nusra Front) have been supported and financed from the same sources. Al-Qaeda have been financed by the USA who have used Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel to channel funds and other support to them – the same resources they have used to provide support to the Syrian rebels. The USA have also used Turkey as a distribution point and as a route for foreign fighters and equipment to enter Syria.

The pace to arm the Syrian rebels was stepped up in April and May of this year by the US and UK governments after it became clear that the FSA was falling apart and were losing the gains they had achieved on the battlefield.

In a desperate attempt to rush through plans, both the US and UK tried to put pressure on other nations, most notably Russia, to back the plans to arm. What neither nation had counted on was the considerable public and international resistance to arming a rebel faction responsible for atrocities and war crimes, and which had been revealed as having such close ties to organisations such as al-Qaeda.

After the G8 summit in Northern Ireland in June, both Obama and Cameron were forced to take a more cautious approach in declaring their support for the rebel faction after Russia stated that they were firmly against the move to supply arms.

In press conferences Cameron told reporters that there had been no decision to arm the Syrian rebels, and such a move was only being considered as an option. Cameron later stated that the decision would be taken by government and not voted on by Parliament, a decision that caused outrage among MPs – claiming Cameron was conducting government like a dictator.

A vote was taken in the House of Commons on whether the consent of parliament needs to be sought before any decision about arming the Syrian rebels was made. An overwhelming majority voted that this should be debated in Parliament and not be the sole decision of the Cameron’s government, although many of Cameron’s Tory party colleagues did not attend the session for fear of incurring the wrath of their leader.

It is still unclear whether the US and UK governments will go ahead with their plans to arm the rebels. With the growing number of reports of rebel atrocities, any decision to send arms will be met with resistance from the public and other countries.

The US continues to provide support (including some armaments) to the rebels through various proxies.

In something of a full-circle, the Syrian people are now demonstrating against the oppressive regime of rebel occupation. In Aleppo, residents are calling for the lifting of the rebel siege, which has been described as bringing ‘medieval conditions’ back to Syria.

A question that may be asked is why western governments are financing and supplying terrorist organisations who have (allegedly) been responsible for ‘terrorist’ attacks around the world, including the US and UK.

Perhaps the thought that governments who are supposed to protect us are capable of, or involved in, such atrocities against citizens of other countries is too terrible to contemplate. Perhaps it is almost unthinkable that those governments would murder their own people. You don’t need to look far for answers – a quick look back at fairly recent history will provide all the answers one needs.

British atrocities during the time of the empire were rampant. In 2012, the British Foreign Office destroyed thousands of documents which detailed crimes committed by the government in the later years of the empire. Documents detail the slaying of civilians and other crimes were removed to Kew Gardens in the UK under the codename of ‘Operation Legacy’. British atrocities have been documented from the days of the Boer war through to the invasion of Iraq. This does not include the millions of people who have suffered as a result of indirect and intelligence agency operations.

The situation is similar for the US. From the early 1900s, the US have been directly involved in atrocities against civilians, from slaughtering 1000 Maro villagers on the isle of Jolo in the Philippine-American War, through to purposeful airstrikes on civilians in Iraq.

The decision to create conflict in Syria has been planned for a long time. According to former French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas, he first heard plans to cause trouble in Syria while at a meeting in London TWO YEARS before the conflict began. In an interview on the French Parliamentary TV Network, Dumas said “I’m going to tell you something. I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria,” and he continued “This was in Britain not in America. Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer minister for foreign affairs, if I would like to participate.”

Dumas was asked what the motivation for the plan was, “Very simple! With the very simple aim! To overthrow the Syrian government, because in the region, it’s important to understand, that the Syrian regime makes anti-Israeli talk.”

The plan of the US and UK is to destabilise the Middle-East and move in to control the region, either directly or through proxies, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Their ultimate goal is to take Iran. Both Syria and Iran are the strongest powers in the region and apart from declaring World War Three, the only way the US and UK could control the region is by creating conflict from within.

Controlling the region would open up an enormous pool of valuable resources, such as oil, from which the US, UK, and companies based in the western world would profit. In addition, by ensuring that there is a viable ‘enemy’, governments can ensure their citizens remain in a fearful state, through which they can control and manipulate citizens for profit, and make sure there is little resistance to atrocities in ‘far off lands’.

Take a look at the way your liberties have been severely curtailed in recent years. Sometimes this occurs through direct legislation, and at other times through covert legislative and policy shifting. If the people remain in fear though perceiving a threat, they will accept ‘solutions’ more readily that if there was peace.

You can be sure, that whatever happens in a foreign land will affect you in some way – sometimes ways which may not be obvious at the time. This is happening now with Syria.

At the time of writing, a Syrian rebel chemical stash has been discovered in Damascus – a further nail in the coffin for Obama and Cameron’s excuse for arming rebels.

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