More scandalous waste of tax payer’s money as MPs line their own pockets.

House-of-Commons-UK-Parliament--630x400The abuse of power by MPs and government ministers never seems to stop, with the latest revelations that they are using tax payer’s money to pay for family members travel and housing expenses.

Not content with high salaries of at least £66,000 and a very generous package of ‘perks’ which bump up their earnings to around £120,000 per year, under expenditure rules they are also allowed to claim for housing and travel for family members.

MPs with children are allowed to claim extra expenses, and those who have claimed so far include Chancellor George Osborne, culture secretary Maria Miller (who was the subject of an expenses investigation not so long ago), communities secretary Eric Pickles, Labour’s Ed Miliband, Ed Balls, Yvette Cooper, and Chris Rune.

MPs can claim up to £2,150 PER MONTH for EACH child who ‘routinely resides’ with them, and although there is a £20,000 per year cap on accommodation, many MPs have claimed over the limit.

With MPs set to potentially receive up to £10,000 rise in their basic salary, the Treasury’s Chief Secretary, Danny Alexander told the Daily Mail ‘I think the British public would be appalled at the prospect, particularly given the state of the public finances. MPs have not seen the proposals as yet but I hope that when they come forward that they reflect the pay situation in the rest of the public sector and the very difficult economic circumstances we are in.”

Although the claims are within the rules set by the government quango the ‘Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority’ (Ipsa), greedy MPs are taking full advantage of every penny they can squeeze out of the public purse even though many have their own significant financial resources.

The biggest travel claimant was Mary Creagh, the Labour MP for Wakefield, who has two children and claimed £4,061 in one year, mostly on rail tickets

The Daily Mail has also exposed the excessive spending of the Commons Speaker, John Bercow since 2010.

Bercow has claimed nearly £100,000 in travel expenses in three years on top of £9,200 in expenses as MP for Buckingham.

Some of the expenses claimed by Bercow include taking a chauffeur driven car one mile at a cost of £84, the use of an official car to take him home from a wedding reception at a cost of £34.44, as well as claiming £63,000 in flights.

Details of Bercow’s expenses can be read on the MailOnline website.

These are more examples of how the public purse is being used as a personal money pot by government and MPs at a time when they should be setting an example by saving money – which is what they expect the rest of the population to do.

Greed and corruption abounds in politics within the UK, where the self-importance of MPs overrides the job they are supposed to be doing which is representing the people.

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