#Osborne the moron reveals fascist #spending fiasco a dictator would be proud of

osbmoronFascism is alive and well in the UK government as Osborne revealed his spending review, which is sure to appeal to his lord and Master (think BDSM) clown Cameron – who will no doubt give Osborne a doggy treat, or have a nice game of pirates with him so they can choose who is going to get the jolly roger(ing).

Instead of doing something sensible like addressing the annual £120 BILLION of wasted tax payer’s money, which is mainly squandered on ‘treats’ for the old-boys network, Osborne has hit the things which matter in British society.

He has also managed (no surprise) to squander tax payer’s money on things which are not (or should not) be a priority to anyone holding a nation’s purse strings who has an ounce of common sense.

The first to come under Osborne’s chopper are automatic pay rises for public sector workers, hospitals – including nurses – schools, and the police (not that there are many of them left nowadays) who will lose automatic pay rises for time served.

The salaries of hospital staff, police and school workers are already controlled by pay banding, so once a person has reached the top of their pay band the only way for them to increase their salary is to move to a higher band by gaining a higher position. Any other increase is part of the annual salary review, which has already been frozen for several years for most public sector workers.

The next brainwave of the idiot is to axe 144,000 public sector jobs.

The public sector has already been slashed to the core, with (as an example) social care struggling to cope with the workload they have with reduced (and inadequate) staffing levels. The police are virtually non-existent on the streets of our towns and cities, and being are physically unable to attend incidents within a reasonable time. If you have a burglary at your home you will be lucky to see a police officer at all.

And what does moron think these 144.000 people are going to magically do? No doubt the majority will be unable to find work, which means they will be unable to spend, which means tax revenue will be reduced, and they will contribute by further straining the benefit system as their lives crash and burn around them.

The next brainwave is to freeze council tax for two years while AT THE SAME TIME reducing local government funding by 10%.

Yet again, that will affect the already overstretched social care budget and other services to the citizens of the UK. Roads will not be repaired, local services will be reduced, facilities to help the vulnerable will be scrapped, free travel for the elderly will be scrapped, and a myriad of other benefits that come as part of a socially responsible and caring society will go out of the window.

The unemployed are hit again. They will be required to visit the job centre on a weekly basis. Although this may not seem much of a change, the problem is that it will increase the workload of an already inefficient system twofold. There will need to be more staff, there will be more administration, there will be more costs involved for supplies such as paper, none of which will be met by the government budget. Al this will do is result in more backlogs and inefficiency.

Changes to the unemployment system MAY work if there were jobs for people in the first place! But as we see more and more businesses going out of business, and the economic reforms of the government biting into every industry and business sector, the likelihood of this situation changing any time soon is non-existent.

There will also be a new welfare cap limiting how much the government can spend on benefits including housing benefit, tax credits, disability benefits and pensioner benefits. In effect, if you are unlucky enough to become unemployed when the pot is empty you will be on your own.

The overstretched NHS received a cursory increase of 0.1%, which will not even cover the increased cost of essential supplies. £2 billion of that has been reserved for ‘social care’, although the exact details of what the government deems to be social care remain a mystery. No doubt it will be wasted in some way by forming more quangos and compulsory national contracts, or some other equally wasteful and ludicrous ideas. So in effect, the NHS budget has been cut.

However, the idiot has managed to find PLENTY of money to waste.

With what has recently been described as already being the biggest surveillance operation in the world, the government have given the security services a massive budget boost. It is not as though they need it either. All this will fund is more oppression of, and spying on, the world’s population, not least those who live in the UK and go about their ordinary lives. But the fascist bastards (excuse the language, but there is not a politer way of describing them which comes to mind) have to fund their police state somehow.

The two lovers (Osborne and Cameron) have made sure their personal projects have received more than adequate funding too.

Osborne has found BILLIONS of pounds to fund massive infrastructure projects, such as their pet project (known to any one with sense as a white elephant) the HS2 railway project – the budget for which has already been increased by another £10 billion since the initial estimate of £15.4 billion.

In a time of ‘austerity’ funding such luxury items as the HS2 has to be low on the priority list, especially as there will be no benefit when there are no jobs, industries, or businesses. No one will be able to afford to use it, and it will end up costing the taxpayer a shed load of cash to maintain it. But of course, it will make the government cronies who are going to build it BILLIONS – which they can squirrel away in their offshore bank accounts in places Cameron has chosen not to approach as part of his so-called ‘crackdown on tax evasion’.

And so on to the next pet project – foreign aid.

Cameron’s determination to increase foreign aid to £12 billion has been greatly assisted by his chum Osborne, who has made a very healthy contribution to the cause by increasing spending by an ADDITIONAL £809 million.

Now you may think that all this lovely foreign aid lolly is going to help the starving and poor – but NO! It is going to the Department of International Development – one of the most wasteful of all government departments!

The Public Account Committee has been highly critical of the department’s waste of aid money on (guess what) foreign consultants, many of which are UK based businesses who no doubt are government cronies. Money for Cameron and Osborne’s chums – yet again.

There are other things not mentioned here, but there is only so much one can say about Cameron, Osborne and the rest of the idiots in government, and these examples will suffice before one’s head explodes.

If you think that this abortion of a spending review is in anyway reasonable then you need psychiatric help – urgently.

The sooner this barrel load of psychopathic fascists are out of government the better – and that is from someone who has no particular political leanings at all. It is common sense.

The facts are that those in government don’t give a damn about the average person. They are abusing their positions to line their own pockets and the pockets of their cronies – at YOUR expense.

They want to dominate and control the population, and have evidenced this since being in power time and time again. If not directly making people’s lives more miserable, they have used subversive (and possibly illegal) methods in an attempt to control and take away liberty.

It really doesn’t take much digging around to find the concrete evidence. Just take a step back and open your eyes.


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