Arrogant US government wants Russia to expel Snowden

Edward_SnowdenWhite House National Security Council spokeswoman, Caitlin Hayden said:

“We expect the Russian government to look at all options available to expel Mr. Snowden back to the U.S. to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged.”

This arrogant statement came after the US had already criticised China and Hong Kong for not attempting to detain Snowden and allowing him to leave the territory.

It seems as though the US are expecting the rest of the world to dance to their tune, which seems to be their overall policy on all international matters.

Yes – Snowden did technically commit a crime in the US, but he is hardly a serial killer and the crime he committed has exposed the crimes of the US government and caused them immense embarrassment – which is a good thing.

It is the US government’s own fault that their Orwellian deception of the population has been exposed. The way they think they can do whatever they want anywhere in the world has backfired on them and they don’t like it.

No doubt the US has been attempting every manipulation technique they can think of to make other countries comply with their demands. Unfortunately for them, China and Russia are not intimidated at all by the US threats.

There is certainly no moral reason at all why Russia (or any other civilised country) should give the US ‘request’ any consideration whatsoever. There may be international legal requirements which (hopefully) Snowden would have made sure he was fully aware of before leaving the US.

Wherever Snowden is, we hope that he is kept safe and out of the clutches of the corrupt US government, who will no doubt make sure he pays as high a price as possible for embarrassing the US administration if he is returned.

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