Unbelievably STUPID Turtle Creek police enforce warrant for uncut grass.

In something resembling a gestpo operation, FOUR very ignorant and intimidating police officers try to serve an outstanding warrant issued by the local government for uncut grass.

turtle creekThe lone woman occupant of the property is treated disrespectfully and sworn at by the lead police officer as he pressures her to get her ID to prove her identity.

As the distressed woman complies with his demands, the police officers enter her home uninvited. Although the police officers do not have to be invited onto the premises when serving a warrant, their actions are disproportionate to the ‘crime’.

The woman informed the local TV station, who in turn asked for a statement from the local police department. Maintaining that the officers’ actions were appropriate when serving an arrest warrant, the department refused to comment on whether the level of intimidation and actions of the officers were excessive in the circumstances.

This is probably a good example of what happens when morons with no people skills or respect are given a uniform. They think that because they have the power of the uniform they should automatically be respected and their instructions complied with – regardless of their own attitudes towards others.

It seems to be a particular problem in the US. Time and again we see police officers acting in an authoritarian manner who are unable to listen to anyone else’s view, or officers who act in a wholly inappropriate way then attempt to cover those actions up.

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