UK government admits #Osborne held discussions in official capacity at #Bilderberg 2013

Despite the claims of UK political attendees at the Bilderberg Conference 2012 that they were there in a ‘personal’ capacity, it has been revealed (as we all probably knew anyway) that those statements should be considered with the contempt they deserve.

A Freedom of Information Act request by Alexander Baron of Digital Journal to George Osborne requesting information on Osborne’s attendance at Bilderberg received a response from James Underwood of the Treasury Rights Unit which reveals interesting information.

The response states that Osborn attended Bilderberg in a private capacity, but acted in an official capacity during discussions in the periphery of the meeting.

Claims that policy decisions are not made at Bilderberg also come into question. The response states “This engagement is important in fostering international cooperation to achieve outcomes that support UK economic interests.”

If our government representatives attend Bilderberg in a private capacity, then we wonder why the taxpayer is picking up the bill.

Overall, this response clearly shows that the UK political figures attending Bilderberg are continuing to lie to the public both about their involvement, and the importance of Bilderberg in shaping global policy decisions.

They present Bilderberg as a meeting where they get together and have a bit of a chat – which is clearly not the case.

With this being the response for Osborne’s attendance at Bilderberg, then we can reasonably presume that Cameron’s attendance at Bilderberg would provoke a similar response, as would Ed Balls.

More lies and more deceit from those who are supposed to represent the people of the UK.

A copy of the letter is below:


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