Cameron and Hague need to start listening to the British majority over Syria

canhagassjpgAs the G8 summit in Northern Ireland started today, the dominant topic was the intention of the US and the UK to potentially arm the Syrian rebel faction.

So far, only the US has showed its dogmatic approach to the conflict by pledging and planning to supply weaponry to the barbaric and out of control Syrian Free Army.

Cameron continues to sound like an old stuck record, repeating the same rubbish over and over again in an attempt to convince the British public (or maybe he is trying to convince himself) that arming religious extremists is the ‘right’ think to do.

In an interview with Sky News, Cameron said that he wants the Syrian people “to have a government which represents them rather than tries to butcher them”. Obviously he is not up to date with the barbaric activities of the rebels, the most recent of which showed a rebel cutting out and eating the heart of a Syrian soldier. Or another which showed the summary execution in a public square of three Syrian officials, or any of the many video and eye witness reports of the rebel’s atrocities.

During the interview Cameron kept repeating that we (as in the UK) should be on the side of the Syrian people who want a peaceful and democratic future for their country.

If that were the real intention of the UK government, then the people should be asking him why his government has not done more to ensure peace negotiations have already started. He should be asked why, instead of making sure that the civilian population of Syria were free from barbarism his government is already supplying the Syrian rebel faction with support and military advice.

According to Cameron and his sidekick William Hague, giving the rebels military hardware is going to force the supporters of Assad ‘back to the negotiating table’. This is wholly and utterly a lie.

Assad has expressed his willingness to enter into peace negotiations on several occasions – without imposing any caveats on the process.

In an interview with Lebanese television al-Manar,, Assad made it quite clear that his government would take part in the Geneva peace talks.

When asked if he was convinced that the peace talks would take place, Assad responded “We expect them to happen, unless they are obstructed by other states. As far as we are concerned in Syria, we have announced a couple of days ago that we agree in principle to attend.”

In February of this year, the Syrian government said it was ready for talks.  Prior to a meeting with his Russian counterpart Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem said

“We are ready for dialogue with everyone who wants it … even those who have weapons in their hands”.

“Even with those who carry arms. We are confident that reforms will come about not with the help of bloodshed but through dialogue,”

“What’s happening in Syria is a war against terrorism. We will strongly adhere to a peaceful course and continue to fight against terrorism.”

In an unreasonable, and deliberately obstructive response to the statement of the Syrian government, rebel leader Selim Idris said there would be no negotiations unless Assad resigned and the leaders of the Syrian military were put on trial.

In the Sky News interview, Cameron repeats that the Syrian government are using chemical weapons against the Syrian people and opposition. Yet again, Cameron conveniently ignores the FACT that the use of chemical weapons has NOT been proven. However, the use of chemical weapons by the opposition HAS been proven.

The Russia government has had access to the information provided by the US which claims to show that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons. Kremlin Aide, Yury Ushakov expressed his concern that the ‘evidence’ is not proof of chemical weapon use, and described it as unconvincing.

Alexi Pushkov, head of Russia’s parliamentary foreign affairs committee, dismissed the US report on Syria’s chemical weapons use as “a fabrication”.

Yury Ushakov told the Russian information agency RIA Novosti “The Americans have tried to provide us with information on the use by the [Syrian President Bashar Assad] regime of chemical weapons, but I will be frank: The report does not seem convincing to us.”

A UN investigation conducted in May casts doubt on the US claims. ‘The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic’ conducted extensive research into claims that the nerve agent sarin had been used in Syria. Carla del Ponte, a former war crimes prosecutor and a member of the commission, told Swiss public broadcaster RSI that “according to the testimonies we have gathered, the rebels have used chemical weapons, making use of sarin gas.”

At the end of May, 12 Syrian rebels were arrested in Turkey in possession of 2kg of sarin gas. Turkish anti-terrorist forces arrested 12 suspected members of the al_Nusra Front, a group affiliated to al-Qaeda, and known as one of the most aggressive elements of the Syrian Free Army.

In April of this year, rebels were accused of smuggling a chemical rocket from Turkey into Syria. According to Tuekish Foreign Ministry spokesman Levent Gumrckcu “We have been hearing allegations of the use of chemical weapons [by Syrian rebels] for quite some time now and these new findings take things to another level. They are very alarming.”

Syrian rebels have said they are seeking to acquire chemical weapons. A militant commander from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) claimed in an interview with Al Arabiya that the rebels have agents in the ranks of the Syrian army who are ready to seize control of at least part of the chemical weapons stockpile.

In addition to the international reporting of chemical weapons being amassed and used by the Syrian rebels, Syria’s news agency also reports that rebel forces have used a chemical agent during an attack on a village near the city of Aleppo in which 24 people died and many more were injured.

Cameron’s stance on arming Syrian rebels has come under severe criticism from London Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Boris Johnson said: “Surely to goodness it is time to recognise that no one can win this conflict, because it has become at least partly a religious conflict, between Sunni and Shia. No one can win that conflict because it is almost beyond reason.”

He called for a “total ceasefire”, adding: “We can’t use Syria as an arena for geopolitical point-scoring or muscle-flexing, and we won’t get a ceasefire by pressing weapons into the hands of maniacs.”

Cameron is also facing very serious opposition to arming Syrian rebels from within his own government and from within the Conservative Party.

At least six senior ministers on the National Security Council have expressed grave concerns about arming the rebels.  Senior backbenchers have also warned Cameron that he is likely to lose if arming rebels is put to a vote. One former minister said “This is an Arab problem. They should sort it out. There is next to no support on the backbenches for getting involved in this war.”

In a YouGov survey for Channel 4 television station, both British and French respondents do not want the UK (or France) to assist the Syrian rebels with military hardware and support.

With such widespread and intense opposition to becoming involved with Syrian rebels, it becomes extremely difficult to find any justification for the stance of Cameron and Hague.

Every logical argument comes back to the same conclusions.

The Syrian rebels are composed of criminals, extremists, and are highly disorganised. They have committed extreme atrocities against the civilians of Syria. They have purposely blocked all attempts at starting a peace process. They have access to and have used chemical weapons against civilians.

Both the US and the UK have failed to make any meaningful attempt to bring the Assad government and the rebels together to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian situation.

Both Hague and Cameron have deliberately lied about the real situation in Syria, even in the face of irrefutable evidence gathered by independent international organisations.

For a reason that we (the public) are unaware of, Cameron is determined to ‘take sides’ with the US despite real evidence that the US evidence and motives are (at least) questionable.

The UK has become embroiled in the US objective of wiping out a checklist of countries to gain control of the Middle-East.

It is time that the UK divorced itself from the cosy relationship with the US administration and stop dragging the British people into unnecessary conflict.

Cameron and his stooges (and other leaders who employ the same tactics) need to realise that the people of Britain (and the world) no longer accept their lies and will no longer be deceived.

Repeating the same lies over and over again will not make them the truth. 

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