Obama determined to start World War Three along with his mates.

WMLIt seems that any notion of peace left Obama and his administration a long time ago. Despite efforts of other nations, Obama seems intent on bringing the world to (at least) the brink of World War Three though his aggressive stance on Syria and the Middle East.

Ignoring the UN and a majority of the rest of the world, Obama is intent on arming the Syrian rebel faction (which includes al-Qaeda) based on the extremely dubious ‘evidence’ of US intelligence agencies that the Assad regime has used the nerve agent sarin. Yet he is purposely ignoring strong evidence that the rebel faction has used sarin against civilians.

The conclusions of other nations and international organisations which prove that arming the Syrian rebels is a bad move don’t matter to Obama. He and his administration have been determined to contribute to the strife of millions of civilians in Syria and to destabilise the region, and have been waiting for an opportune moment.

It was revealed in the Washington Post that US officials were ordered by Obama in late April to plan what weaponry to send to the rebels and how to deliver it– long before the supposed intelligence ‘evidence’ materialised.

There was never any intention of the US to help find a diplomatic solution to the conflict, and it is highly suspected that the CIA have been involved in stirring up opposition to Assad, and in ensuring the opposition council refused to take part to any negotiation process.

Diplomatic dialogue could have started many months ago, but Obama and his supporters have taken no initiative to pursue this.

The planned peace talks between the Syrian opposition and the Assad regime were effectively sabotaged by the opposition, and later abandoned by the US administration citing that the rebels were in too weak a position to gain any meaningful conclusion from the negotiations.

Obama is engaging in a war by proxy, and playing a very dangerous game which could put the super powers of the world against each other.

The involvement of the US has been the subject of concern for many nations who have sought to find a peaceful solution to the Syrian problem.

The numerous inconsistencies in stories fed to the mainstream media, contrary evidence to Obama’s rhetoric, and the illogical and aggressive position of the Syrian opposition, as well as that of US allies has created more than a little suspicion about the motives for supporting and continually fuelling the conflict.

In the US and the UK, there has been significant criticism from the public and politicians of the way Obama and Cameron have pledged support for a brutal and disorganised opposition that has significant links to al-Qaeda and other extremist organisations, the very organisations the US and UK are said to be fighting in the ‘war on terror’.

The likes of Obama, Cameron, McCain, and now Blair are intent on destabilisation and bloodshed to feed their own greedy agendas.

Unlucky for them that more and more people are opening their eyes to the truth of these warmongers, and in time they will pay the price for their actions. At the moment they think they are untouchable and maintain their positions in their ivory towers through the use of fear. But that will not last forever, and the people WILL take action against them and they (and their kind) will fall into a hell they have created for themselves.

The fact is, that we currently have some of the most evil leaders in the history of Western politics trying to control world events.

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