£120 BILLION of disgraceful waste by Cameron’s government exposed in new report.

osbOn this blog, we have cited examples of government waste which run into billions of pounds. But a new report by the Taxpayer’s Alliance goes deep into government expenditure for 2011-2012 and has uncovered an amazing £120 billion waste of public funds!

The report, entitled ‘The Bumper Book of Government Waste’ shows that the government have wasted an average of £4,500 per household during the period 2011-2012.

Some examples:

£2,300,000 spent by Parliament on subsidies for restaurants, bars and cafes for members of the House of Lords.

£56,000 was the cost of binned food in Parliament.

£683,000 for revamping No. 10 Downing Street, including £30,000 specifically for the residential flat about No. 11.

£720,000 paid to professional actors for role playing exercises aimed at helping prison inmates become employed.

£4,500,000 spent on taxis to transport inmates and staff for the Prison Service.

£55,000,000 spent by the Ministry of Defence on cluster bombs that had to be scrapped.

£88,000,000 spent by the Ministry of Defence to pay off contractors for the abandoned Soothsayer project, which was a high-tech spying system.

£425,000 spent by Manchester Council on an Alicia Keys concert.

£6,000,000 spent by the Home Office IN SIX MONTHS on luxury hotels at resorts such as Hyatt Regency in Trinidad.

£14,600,000 spent by Haringey Council on redundancy payments, while having to pay £31,000,000 for temporary and agency staff.

£1,250,000 on designer furniture for Hampshire Council office.

£3,000,000 on biscuits for the coalition government.

£50,000,000 spent by the Department of Transport through mismanagement and subsequent cancellation of West Coast franchise competition.

£98,400,000 wasted by the BBC on the Digital Media Initiative which was abandoned.

The catalogue of excess and waste goes on and on, and throw in a few bank bailouts, useless departments and quangos, and the figures soon add up to an obscene amount.

Even if we were to take HALF of the cited examples – that would still be £60 billion of taxpayer’s money thrown away.

The Department of International Development wastes huge amounts of ‘foreign aid’ cash on frivolous and ludicrous projects – recently spending £21,200,000 on a road maintenance project in Bangladesh, of which only 10% has been spent on the project and the rest of the cash going ‘missing’. The Department also spends millions of pounds a year on ‘consultants’ – which are mostly British companies who are part of the government’s ‘old-boys-network’, and much of which never finds its way back to the UK – usually ending up in some offshore account.

The Taxpayer’s Alliance report is an eye opener to how much the government abuses its position of power and access to the public purse.

Much of the waste goes to those who are in positions of trust, who are already paid huge salaries from the public purse, and who are supposed to be looking after the interests of the public.

What would £120 billion do for Britain’s ailing economy – what would a very, very conservative waste estimate of £60 billion do for Britain’s economy?

It seems the government, and especially Cameron, are not too good at basic maths.

In addition to the wastes cited in the report, Cameron wants to increase foreign aid to an incredible £12 billion!!

We thought we were in an economic crisis where saving every little bit from expenditure was important. So there is absolutely NO justification for increasing foreign aid to £12 billion.

It seems to be the same old story. Those who are well-off will become better-off. Cameron’s increased expenditure will no doubt find its way into the pockets of cronies and the ‘old-boys-network’ while the vulnerable of the UK are made to become financial slaves.

You can view the Taxpayer’s Alliance report, and download a copy from their website.

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2 thoughts on “£120 BILLION of disgraceful waste by Cameron’s government exposed in new report.

  1. Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    WARNING Don’t attempt to read this book all at once – it might just kill you either when your blood pressure explodes or you die laughing – except the joke is on us. It is our pockets which are picked as ludicrous amounts of OUR MONEY are thrown down the drain.
    The government says it needs to cut welfare by £12 billion. Balderdash! All the government needs to do is stop wasting money – £120 BILLION wasted in the years 2010-2011.
    But you need to read this book. It will put into perspective the government’s spin and lies over its AUSTERITY policies. When you see how the government spends our taxes, you will totally reject AUSTERITY CUTS for the con tricks they are.

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