David Icke and Alex Jones: Are they shaking the money tree?

jonesickeThis weekend was a big event in the anti-globalist calendar when the Bilderberg Conference took place in Watford, UK.

Being unable to attend, I watched some of the proceedings unfold via various live streaming video feeds from the alternative media.

On Saturday, there were live streams from the Bilderberg Fringe, which was an event held after the day’s main protesting had finished, and which was attended by thousands of people coming together in a common purpose.

Part of the Fringe featured speakers, including David Icke and Alex Jones. Both of them made entertaining and informative listening, and both reinforced why a common purpose against the globalists is so important to all of us.

When Alex Jones was speaking, one of the audience heckled him and asked how much money he made last year. Jones ignored him and carried on speaking while others in the audience prevented the heckler from getting up on stage – telling him to go home if he didn’t like what was happening at the event.

Later on, as Alex Jones was walking towards a line of police officers, the same person appeared and asked Alex Jones the same question. Again, other protesters told the heckler to leave if he didn’t want to behave in a respectful way.

The heckler’s comments really had no bearing on what was taking place, or what Icke or Jones said – and they certainly were not selling or promoting anything directly, My first reaction was that he was naïve – or perhaps jealous that others may have something he doesn’t.

His comments seemed something of a throwback to the socialist movements of the 70s – a time when anyone who made any money in any way was considered a capitalist pig. Or it could be for some other reason that the heckler felt a question about the finances of Jones was appropriate when standing in the proximity of the globalists tucked away in the Grove Hotel.

Whatever his reason (which is something I will probably never know) it got me thinking about the money making side of both David Icke’s and Alex Jones’ activities and business interests.

Their finances are their own business, but I felt I had to give the subject some thought to work out if they are involved in the anti-globalist movement purely for financial gain.

If it is the case that they are purposely setting out to make profit from the anti-globalist movement, then this would make them as manipulative and self-serving as the people they purport to challenge.

The reason I have thought about Icke and Jones together is because they are high-profile figures in alternative media and both are involved with the anti-globalist movement.

Both men have very different ways and beliefs that take them from A to Z, and I am not concerned with comparing them.

I don’t subscribe to either Icke’s or Jones’ theories or beliefs in totality. There are elements of each which crossover, and which make perfect sense, and there are others which I personally think are pushing things a bit too far into the ridiculous, or which are sensationalised (especially in the case of Jones).

In the case of Icke, I think his reptilian theory could possibly be his misinterpretation of something which is very real and provable. All of us have our own paths to reach whatever destination we are to reach, and it is not necessarily for any one of us to ridicule another about the way they get there.

My own experience has been thirty years of seemingly unrelated, inexplicable, and some downright bizarre and seemingly destructive experiences all over the world that have brought me to today. But each (as I see now when I start to put things together) has had a purpose – to teach me something important. It has certainly not been an easy journey – but necessary.

So are these two manipulators, or are they genuine facilitators of truth, and is it wrong for them to make money out of it?

There is no doubt that both Icke and Jones make a living out of what they do. Only they know how much that is, but neither are poor and destitute, and are able to support themselves and their lifestyles.

The internet is full of speculation about how much money each as made through different projects, sales of their material or goods, and subscriptions to various things, and so on. But that is all it is – speculation.

Even mainstream media has touched on the subject of Icke’s finances. There was speculation about the ‘substantial settlement’ his ex-wife Pamela was to receive as a divorce settlement. There was speculation about how much Icke made from his nine hour stint at Wembley Arena on 27thOctober last year which attracted in the region of 5000 people at an average cost of around £ 50 per ticket, and the  associated income from live streaming and DVD and book sales.

In a later interview on the This Morning TV programme in the UK, presenter Phillip Schofield asked Icke about the money he made from the Wembley event, and questioned why the event and Icke’s books are not free to everyone if Icke’s intention is to spread ‘the word’ and wake up humanity. Icke replied that the he had not taken any income from the Wembley event and the profits were being used for another event to be held in October 2014. On the subject of his books, Icke asked Schofield if he had any idea how much it costs to publish a book.

In reply to those who have claimed that Icke is worth millions of pounds and lives a life of luxury, Icke has a video on YouTube showing the viewer around his modest flat in the Isle of Wight. Certainly no signs of precious works of art, marble staircases, or decadence there.

Unlike many others in the alternative media, neither Icke nor Jones have other employment. Their involvement in the anti-globalist movement etc. IS their work.

Unfortunate as it is, we live in an economy driven world, where just about everything practical we need to do costs cold hard cash. You are reading this because you have had to pay someone or an organisation money or money’s worth to be able to gain internet access. Even if you access this from a ‘free’ internet connection at a library or some other institution, somewhere along the line you have paid for the privilege.

The same goes for Icke and Jones. To be able to produce material they have to pay. It costs significant amounts of money to be able to travel, publish books, hire venues, buy equipment, maintain an office and staff, pay fuel bills, taxes, and all of the other associated costs of operating (what is effectively) a business. They would be unable to operate at the level they do if they could not generate an income from producing material etc.

They also spend a lot of time promoting their own ventures and material – which costs money.

Yes – promoting their OWN stuff and maintaining THEIR public presence. Making money out of people!

There is the answer that we have been waiting for. Both Icke and Jones spend their time making money so they can produce more ‘stuff’ to make more money.

But that is still not the whole picture.

Consider if Icke and Jones had never bothered to do what they do – if they never became involved in the anti-globalist movements or they never bothered to write ‘stuff’ for people to read, or they never bothered to produce videos – and so on.

Of course some of what they say (and in the case of Jones – what they do) may seem to be attention seeking or ‘off the wall’ – and to some may seem downright crazy. But how many people have they been able to reach who would not have otherwise started to think for themselves and discover other possibilities, or realise there are other people in the world who also see that global change is needed and they are not alone? A hundred, a thousand, tens of thousands, millions?

Think of the people who would have carried on feeling isolated and in despair at the way the world is if it were not for people like Icke and Jones.

It doesn’t mean that everyone has to believe in the same thing as these two do or follow in their paths – we each have our own path. What is important is that they at least plant seeds of change and possibility, or challenge what people are manipulated to believe by the mainstream.

The core of the matter is that if Icke and Jones didn’t make money they would not be able to spread the alternative ideas they have.. The result of that is that there would be a lot less people in the world joining the global fight against globalist control and the atrocities of those in power.

Trying to spread ‘the word’ on a shoestring or with no money, although the spirit is admirable, is false altruism. If you want proof of that just ask some of the other alternative media people who operate with a very low budget how hard and frustrating it is to spread their information to the general public in the big wide world. And ask them how much more they would be able to do if they had more cash, or how hard it is to raise funds for their cause.

So Icke and Jones make money – big deal. Why shouldn’t they PROVIDED their core reason for doing so is spreading information and helping get the message out to the general public to raise awareness and to make change happen, Of course, only they know their true motivation, but we can look at what has been achieved by them – which is perhaps more than they are given credit for.

As an example. Appearing on mainstream prime-time television in the UK is by no means an easy thing to do, and TV time is ferociously sought after. Both Icke and Jones have managed it. The result of that is that many other people who didn’t have a clue about alternatives to the daily no-hope drudge of their lives may start to take action, or at least start discussing possibilities with each other.

We also need to remember that both Icke and Jones have produced material for no fee at all.

I hadn’t heard anything of Icke since his strange period in the early 1990s, and really didn’t understand what it was all about at the time anyway. I discovered what he was doing now by accident while looking at something else. I watched one of his YouTube videos out of interest and nothing better to do at the time, and discovered a lot of similarities between his experiences and perception of the world and my own. This led me along another path which has answered so many of the questions I had about life and why certain things had happened to me.

I could not/cannot afford to purchase the material produced by Icke, and yet I am still very aware of alternatives, messages, and overall possibilities of change in the world that he has talked about, and which have prompted me to take a deeper look using many different sources, and through a better understanding of my own experiences.

Many people, as part of their own path, discover information by accident, and both Icke and Jones have made sure that important and relevant information is available for anyone who looks.

Perhaps there are times when some people become overly concerned with what others have or have not, and the fact that both Icke and Jones make money the way they do may make some people jealous or question their motives.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter. If any of us had the opportunity to earn a living from helping others in the world awaken to reality we probably would. It is a much better alternative to the daily bullshit most of us have to endure.

If someone is having a positive benefit then why do we need to question their financial state (unless they become the monster they are fighting of course)?

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5 thoughts on “David Icke and Alex Jones: Are they shaking the money tree?

  1. Excellent article 🙂 Very good points. I have learned a lot from both of them and really appreciate what they do… they have certainly benefited me more than anything else and I’m sure everyone would feel the same.

  2. Thank you Kit.

    I think that both of them have brought a lot of information to the public arena that would otherwise have remained buried.

    BUT – and it is a big but – there is a lot of information they relay which is plainly incorrect and sensationalism – particularly Icke. They tend to accept what some people say without really checking the facts and then that becomes ‘truth’ – which it plainly is not, then it spreads and before long we have a lot of people believing falsehoods. In my opinion that is just morally wrong.

    Also with Icke, most of his writings and presentations are not his own. He presents himself as having great ‘revelations’ and so on, when in fact he is using other people’s research and work (often from old or obscure texts) and presenting it as though these are his ideas. He then jazzes it up with a bit of ‘this and that’ to appeal to uninformed people. Also I find that morally wrong. He should make it clear that it is someone else’s work or an obscure text. The work of Alice Bailey is a very good example of how he uses obscure writings.

    This could be why he has never entered into a real debate about the theories he presents, or comes up with any answers.

    I think that Icke and Jones are to be seen more as starting points for people to do their own independent research and not take their word as ‘truth’ – because often it is skewed or misrepresented.

  3. Think of Icke and Jones as comicbooks. They turn people on to eg mythology, conspiracy, other dimensions etc. the same way comicbooks used to. Doesn’t mean the comicbook or the promoter is especially accurate- but they are an initial initiation.

  4. Good article..well done.

    I have read most of David Icke’s work on YouTube and while some of it does sound ridiculous other points have proven amazingly accurate over time. I don’t think it is important that he uses or copies other people’s work…we all do. This is called research. He does however do his best to see and find the truth in other people’s work ( as he sees it ) and this truth comes out in his talks; and I find his video casts not only entertaining but enlightening. I now question more about globalisation and where humanity is going. Yes there were people of a similar ilk before David Icke and there will be similar people after, but he puts over his points clearly, logically and without malice …indeed at times with considerable humour.

  5. +Robin Bradford
    “I don’t think it is important that he uses or copies other people’s work…we all do. This is called research” No, without crediting sources, it’s called “plagarism”.

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