Bilderberg 2013: BBC and British press are a disgrace!

One of the world’s major annual events was held in Watford, UK, this weekend – the meeting of the Bilderberg Group at the Grove Hotel.

This secret meeting has been held every year since 1954, and until this year, had hardly received a mention in the mainstream media. Attended by around 140 of the world’s most nigh-profile figures in finance, politics, media, and industry and commerce, the meeting has been the hub for discussions concerning world policy under the guise of ‘fostering dialogue between Europe and North America’ (according to the sparse Bilderberg website) for 59 years.

This year’s attendees included Kenneth Clarke (a member of the Bilderberg steering committee), Ed Balls, Henry Kissinger, Peter Mandelson, David Rockefeller, Eric Schmidt (Google), and many other notable figures (including disgraced banking executives such as Douglas Flint of HSBC), some of whom are currently highly newsworthy. (A full list of this year’s candidates are here).

The meeting only involves figures from Europe and North America, even though international matters are discussed according to their website.

None of the past attendees have ever revealed what is or has been discussed at the conference, with many of them denying any knowledge of Bilderberg, even though there is proof that they attended. Some have described the meeting as ‘evil’ but have still refused to reveal discussions that took place – such is the power and control the Group wields over its attendees.

Several documents have been obtained by Wikileaks, including reports of meetings in the 1950s  (1955, 1956, 1957, 1958) and 1960s (1960, 1963), which make interesting reading, giving some insight into the overall globalist and eugenic plans of the Bilderberg Group.

Bilderberg’s official information states that international policies are not discussed or formulated at the meeting. This is untrue, and there have been several instances where a direct link can be made between a significant event and Bilderberg. For example, in 1976, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands was involved in a scandal where he accepted a $1.1 million bribe from Lockheed to influence the Dutch government to buy Lockheed’s fighters. Something which was revealed as being agreed at the Bilderberg Group’s meetings.

The Bilderberg Group’s Nazi roots are another subject that has eluded public exposure or scrutiny in the mainstream press.

Extensive lobbying takes place at the meeting, and yet Cameron has claimed that lobbying needs bringing under control – surely a newsworthy story.

The recent tax farce with Google surely is newsworthy.

In Watford, thousands of people from all over the world, as well as MPs and international journalists and speakers, went to join in the peaceful protest against the Bilderberg Group. Police had designated areas into which protesters were corralled, and which were inadequate for the huge numbers who turned up. While thousands were able to get in to the protest areas, and the fringe event that took place later in the day, there were equally as many who were turned away by the police.

To look at the mainstream press reports and pictures from Friday, they give the impression that there were a few lone ‘oddballs’ and a handful of people protesting. Most of their pictures were taken on Friday morning, before the main protest started on Saturday.

The BBC’s picture

The REAL picture

Pictures taken at the event show a very different story, with a sea of people protesting and listening to speakers, and just as many peacefully queuing trying to get into the designated areas. Surely that is something newsworthy?

So we ask – why didn’t the mainstream UK press give this protest – that has prompted thousands of people to attend, and prompted hundreds of thousands more from around the world to watch via live stream video feeds –  the coverage it deserved or coverage that would be expected?

There has been some reporting of the event, most of it minimal and trite. The BBC (who has now proven beyond any doubt that it is nothing more than a government puppet) was the worst offender.

What did the BBC report?

This: which was hidden away in the business section, and concentrated on ‘conspiracy theories’, American Alex Jones, a protester in a clown costume, and a ventriloquist.

This: a something of nothing report on Cameron attending the Bilderberg conference.

Then there are these two videos which really epitomise the superior ‘old-boys’ attitude of those who exist within the BBC’s political bubble.

On what is supposed to be a serious political debate TV show, Daily Politics, Andrew Neil interview ex-BBC journalist Tony Gosling about the Bilderberg meeting. As Gosling attempted to present a rational and informed argument, Neil demonstrated his BBC allegiance and worldly ignorance by resorting to sniping and sarcasm, along with his other uninformed and ignorant co-presenter (and some guest who seems inconsequential to the proceedings):

View the video here:

In the second video of the Sunday Politics show (basically a Sunday version of the daily version), with the same presenter and Times newspaper columnist and pseudo-intellectual David Aaronovitch, Alex Jones launches into a tirade as Neil again shows no insight or intelligence, and again resorts to sniping and sarcasm.

View the video here:

This typifies the brain dead reporting of ‘news’ that the BBC has come to represent. Once considered a reliable source, the BBC has slipped down a very steep slope of nothingness to more nothingness.

The only ‘news’ reported in the political sphere is whatever the government or its agent’s spoon feed the BBC’s puppet ‘journalists’, or which is supplied to them through their network of pseudo-intellectuals and pseudo-experts.

Independent reporting at the BBC vanished a long time ago, if it ever existed in the first place.

‘But we have won awards’ we hear the BBC cry. What is an ‘award’ worth when it is given by the same pseudo-people controlled by the same pseudo-organisations controlled by government? Not much.

This weekend should have been a major news event – but it was intentionally suppressed.

But the Bilderberg meeting is not the only newsworthy story about people taking a stand against the manipulative machine controlling the world.

What has the BBC reported about the riots in Germany? What have they reported about the riots in Sweden? Not a lot at all. Again, these are important events that the public need to be aware of. They clearly show that the majority of people have had enough of the lies and manipulation which only serve a few obscenely rich, and that ordinary people are starting to take a stand.

The BBC in particular are about keeping people dumb and spreading propaganda – not about keeping people impartially informed of important events around the world. They only serve to contribute to the smoke and mirrors strategy of government, and this weekend has proven beyond all doubt where the BBC stand.

As for British newspapers. There really is nothing positive to write about how important news is NOT being reported.

When the online front pages are more concerned with someone throwing an egg at Simon Cowell than with a small group of psychopathic globalists and eugenicists making plans which will force us all into slavery in the very new future, there is something very, very wrong.

The propaganda machine rolls on regardless of truth, and the people are programmed to believe it.


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