Cameron blasted by MPs for attending Bilderberg in Watford

grove-(sj)-y403317-copyCameron has come under fire from other MPs, including members of his own Conservative party, for attending the annual Bilderberg Group meeting in Watford, UK.

In a report in the Guardian newspaper, Conservative MP, Douglas Carswell accused Cameron of joining the “unaccountable clique of Davos men”, a reference to the annual meeting between political and business leaders in the Swiss town of Davos.

Carswell (who campaigns for transparency in government) also accused Cameron of joining a “cliché fest” where the participants were responsible for crashing the global economy.

Since his party was elected to government, Cameron has talked many times of his intention to lead Britain’s most transparent government, something he has yet to achieve with more cover-ups, cases of corruption, and blatant lies being used to justify unpopular polices exposed than any other government (including Blair’s) in recent British political history.

With only sixteen months of government left, it is obvious this is something that is not a priority, and Cameron has been described as a hypocrite – especially because of his attempts to water-down his personal relationship with Rebekah Brooks (former CEO of News International) when she was exposed as being involved in the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

In the Guardian report, Carswell said

“Given the dreadful state that most European countries are in – and given the appalling public policy failures that landed us in this mess – you would have thought the least our ruling elite could do is discuss these issues in public. This is only going to add to the idea that we are governed by an unaccountable clique of Davos men. I am sure in reality they will be recycling all the clichés you can find in the FT and the Economist. I don’t think that great leaders like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan attended the Bilderberg.”

Under parliamentary code, Ministers are expected to have an official civil service note-taker with them to record details of meetings with business leaders. It also states “Ministers meet many people and organisations and consider a wide range of views as part of the formulation of government policy. Departments will publish, at least quarterly, details of ministers’ external meetings.” However, Downing Street said it would not be publishing details of the Prime Minister’s meetings at Bilderberg.

Three UK government ministers are attending the conference (George Osborne, Kenneth Clarke, and David Cameron), not one of them has an official civil service note-taker with them.

As we wrote in a previous report, given Cameron’s history and detailed descriptions of how self-serving he is, it is unlikely that he will make any meaningful comment on his attendance, or that of his ministers at Bilderberg 2013.

When Cameron gets kicked out of government next year, he will be looking for opportunities, and what better place to do it than Bilderberg.

Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt – that is the only conclusion any reasonable thinking person can come to regarding the three ministers looking to further their own means.


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