UK government crashing into an abyss of scandal and corruption! Another affair exposed!

David-Cameron-001As Clown Cameron attempted to get away from it all in Ibiza, his Clown kingdom has been crashing.

First there was the incident in which Conservative MP Patrick Mercer was exposed by the Daily Telegraph and BBC’s Panorama for selling questions, as well as other corrupt dealings, including corruptly obtaining security passes.

Today, the Mail on Sunday claims to have information concerning an affair that will rock the foundation of the Conservative government, and could possibly impact on the government’s plans for the rest of its office.

Unfortunately, the newspaper is unable to publish the details of the affair, but it is important. After learning the names of the people involved earlier in the week, Clown Cameron was prompted to call a crisis meeting. We will be looking out for more detailed information – unless Clown Cameron and his cronies attempt a cover-up of course.

We have a feeling this could be a BIG ONE – but will it be big enough to finally get these idiots out of government?

Yesterday we told you how Cameron has been exposed and coming to a deal with Blair to cover-up the truth behind the invasion of Iraq.

A few weeks ago, Conservative MP and Deputy Speaker Nigel Evans was arrested following allegations that he raped one man and sexually assaulted another between 2009 and 2013.

The Liberal Democrat side of the government have not escaped serious scandal either.

In April, Lord Rennard, a Liberal Democrat peer came to the attention of Scotland Yard and is being investigated about his alleged sexual misconduct.

The Liberal Democrat MP Mike Hancock is to face a disciplinary hearing about very serious allegations of sexual assault. Hancock was served papers by the High Court as the result of a civil action by a ‘vulnerable’ constituent.

Since coming to power, the coalition government has been plagued by scandal. In particular, the Conservative elements of government have been in corruption, misappropriation of public funds, and a myriad of other activities which show how unfit for government they are. Add to this the blatant lies and deceit that has nearly ruined the foundation of the UK, and it is truly amazing that they get away with it.


If the bunch of reprobates had been selling dodgy cars they would have been in prison a long time ago – yet the British public let them run the country – UNBELIEVABLE!!

The Mail article can be seen on their website here.

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