Cameron and Blair collusion to cover up key Iraq evidence

Lord-Owen-007Perhaps the reason for Blair sniffing around government like a rat looking for cheese in recent times has come to light.

In a speech at the literary festival in Hay last week, former Foreign Secretary, Lord Owen, revealed that Cameron came to an arrangement with Blair which resulted in the Chilot Report being blocked from accessing key evidence in their inquiry into the invasion of Iraq.

The evidence in question contains extracts of letters between Blair and Bush which would reveal how Blair had agreed to go to war in Iraq up to a year before the invasion in 2003, and before there could possibly have been any legal basis on which Blair has since relied for defence of his actions.

In return for Cameron backing blocking of the incriminating letters, Blair agreed to show neutrality during the next general election.

In further collusion and double-dealings, Sir Jeremy Heywood, Cabinet Secretary, was also closely involved in ensuring extracts from the letters remained secret.

Lord Owen said “Publication of the Bush extracts would not be blocked if Tony Blair had not objected, nor if that objection had not been supported by the present Prime Minister, David Cameron. Both men are hiding behind conventions that are totally inappropriate given the nature of the inquiry.”

He continued “No 10 reveals that they are in constant contact on many issues with Tony Blair and Blair’s own people confirm this. Not for nothing does Cameron see himself still as the ‘heir to Blair’. It is hard to escape the conclusion that No 10 hopes to … win the neutrality or possibly tacit support of Blair by the general election.”

According to Sir Gus O’Donnell, former Cabinet Minister prior to Heywood, the extracts cannot be published because it would prejudice relations between the US and UK, and they came from ‘particularly privileged channels of communication’. However, Lord Owen pointed out that some of the communication between Blair and Bush has already been included in Blair’s memoires, which were previously approved by Cabinet Secretaries.

Lord Owen said “The conventions and Freedom of Information Act covering such conversations were never intended to be used to block a major inquiry held into a political and military fiasco of a dimension we have not seen since the Dardanelles in the First World War,” and that the restriction of access by the Chilcot Report to such vital information was unacceptable.

The lies of how the Iraq war started have long been something of concern to any rational person with an ounce of sense. In describing Blair as a ‘hubristic liar’, Lord Owen said “Yet there are black lies, lies that debauch the standards of public life and they must be treated with the utmost seriousness. Many believe politics is the art of lying. If lies are allowed to become the currency of political debate on the floor of the House of Commons then our democracy is gravely endangered.”

It is hardly surprising then that an agreement between two of the biggest liars in recent political history was struck to save both embarrassment.

As is usual in the current UK political arena of lies and deceit, there will be denial after denial in the belief that if they deny something enough times it becomes truth – like making a wish.

Blair’s association with Cameron became publically noticeable not so long ago, when pictures the two of them being pals found their way into the press under various guises. At the time, it appeared as though Blair was sniffing for business, but (as there always is when Blair is around) there could have been much more to it that we first saw.

It seems hard for the British public to find any kind of political integrity with the shambles of politicians we have seen worm their way into very lucrative positions in recent years. There is little to distinguish between the suits, as each party seems to lose identity and they all merge into one another.

No – this is not politics. It is those of similar ilk banding together to further their own interests.

It is time for those in the political arena who may have a semblance of conscience left, or have an iota of how they are supposed to represent the people, to grow some balls and show themselves. Time for them to stand up to this insipid, rotten establishment a make real meaningful change.

As for Blair and Cameron. The best thing for both of them is to be stripped of all their assets and thrown in a dark dungeon for the rest of their days along with the rest of their cronies.

Extracts used from the Daily Mail

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