10 Simple reasons Syrian rebels should not be supplied with weapons by Europe

Photo: Hussein Malla

Photo: Hussein Malla

1: The rebel faction is uncoordinated and is unable to command itself.

2: The rebel faction has a significant number (not a few) al-Qaeda extremists fighting with them.

3: Peace talks are to begin in Geneva in June.

4: The Assad government has agreed to take part in the talks to find a diplomatic solution to peace.

5: The rebel leader (Louay Safi) has REFUSED to take part in the talks to find a diplomatic solution.

6: The rebels are responsible for horrendous atrocities to the civilian population of Syria including machete attacks and beheadings.

7: The rebel faction has used chemical weapons.

8: The rebel faction has REFUSED to adhere to the Final Communique from the UN Action Group for Syria issued in June last year.

9: Assad had indicated that he will step down from governing Syria if that is a requirement of the peace talk’s outcome.

10: Israel has purposely attacked Syria to ensure instability in the region, and had supplied vehicles to rebel forces, including al-Qaeda terrorist cells fighting with the rebels.

ALL of the 10 points above are FACT, and have been reported in the mainstream media and you can find them yourself with a bit of brain work – find your own path.

We really don’t give a damn about what happens to the Assad regime and so on.

What we ARE concerned about is that innocent, ordinary people are paying a high price because of the conflict and it is preventable.

We ARE concerned that western governments, and in particular the UK government through its puppet psychopathic representative William Hague, is trying to bully other European nations in to supporting initiatives to supply Syrian rebels (and al-Qaeda) with some seriously powerful weaponry.

IF all parties were interested in finding a diplomatic solution there is no reason at all why a ceasefire could not be called, and a peacekeeping force deployed to ensure security of the civilians during the interim period.

Who is stopping the civilians of Syria from living a peaceful life?

Who is allowing the unnecessary slaughter and torture of Syrian civilians?

Who is trying to ensure instability in the region so their associates can move in and start making some serious cash?

And if you think it is nothing to do with you – that it is something happening to other people far away – just remember that whatever happens there will impact on YOU at some point.

If you want proof of that just take a look at your own life and the way society has changed in recent years because of events in the Middle-East.

Make up your own mind.


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