Political prostitution! Theresa May calls for ‘snooper’s charter’ to be revived after Woolwich attack.

Theresa May-1486051The incident in Woolwich is still fresh in the minds of the nation, yet the government is jumping on the opportunity to try and revive the proposed ‘snooper’s charter’ – which security services have said would have had NO EFFECT on possibly preventing the attack on soldier Lee Rigby.

It is incredible that home secretary Theresa May can be so blatantly callous and unscrupulous, using other people’s suffering and anguish to further her government’s own agenda!

The attempt to use the politics of fear (where government seek to introduce legislation after a horrific event that shocks the public, and which would otherwise be considered inappropriate or oppressive) is absolutely disgraceful, and epitomises how the government seeks to attain absolute control of the citizens of the UK.

The police and security services already have extensive powers to intercept communications, and the excuse that the ‘snooper’s charter’ would enable them to trace suspects is nothing more than a smokescreen.

On the face of it, the ‘snooper’s charter’ doesn’t seem too unreasonable. What is causing concern among those who have read the document properly is that it contains extensive grey areas which would potentially allow uncontrolled surveillance on any citizen for any reason whatsoever without any proper controls in place to protect privacy.

The ‘snooper’s charter’ is being presented as a tool to prevent terrorism – but it potentially goes much, much further than that.

If introduced, it would potentially enable the government to automatically create profiles for every member of the population, including contacts, social activities, location and much more. This information could then be analysed and profiles created to indicate possible threats to government – which could then be acted on.

Threats to government are not the same as threats to the people of the land. The government perception of a threat is anyone who challenges them and their policies in any way whatsoever, or who prevents them from achieving their personal goals.

If this legislation is introduced it is a significant step towards a society similar to the oppressive communist or fascist regimes of the past – where everyone was spying on everyone else, and any slight deviation from ‘the party line’ was met with imprisonment, intimidation, and worse.

Criminals and terrorists etc. are not stupid. The introduction of the ‘snooper’s charter’ will do nothing to prevent crime as criminals find other ways to communicate, and it will have very little effect on making their communication more difficult.

No – this is purely about the government giving themselves more power and control to prevent any potential threat to their own interests and those of their cronies.

It is beyond disgraceful that Theresa May and other members of government and the Conservative party have decided to use the tragic events of Wednesday to further their own corrupt agenda.

Theresa May has no respect – Cameron has no respect – the government have no respect for the people they are supposed to serve. They live in their own deluded bubble which they think will last forever. 

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