Perhaps it’s time Clown Cameron kept his hypocritical mouth shut.

130124120451-david-cameron-getty-uk-cnni-tvbox-story-topThere is no doubt that the attack on Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich yesterday (22nd May) was a tragic waste of this young man’s life, and an unnecessary act of barbarity.

It is a time when the county’s thoughts are focused on how something so horrific could happen on the streets of the UK leaving Lee Rigby’s 2 year-old son fatherless.

Rightly, the actions of the two assailants have been unanimously condemned.

In his speech outside 10 Downing Street, Cameron referred to Lee Rigby for only 10 seconds in a speech lasting 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Apart from the 10 seconds consideration Cameron gave to a man who has served in the armed forces for over six years and served in Afghanistan, the rest of Cameron’s speech was the expected political rubbish about combatting terrorism and other rhetoric he is so used to spouting.

Cameron seems to have forgotten that he is responsible for the mass slaughter of Syrian civilians for whom maiming and beheadings at the hands of Cameron supported ‘rebels’ are a daily occurrence. Or that he ordered action in Libya, again where thousands of civilians are subjected to the same barbarity every day.

YES – it is tragic and awful that Lee Rigby lost his life. YES – it is utterly disgusting that people resort to such barbaric action in what is supposed to be a civilised world. YES – it is unacceptable that people are unable to live their lives in peace without threat of violence.

BUT IT IS THE SAME FOR EVERY MEMBER OF HUMANITY IN THE WORLD, and Cameron and his cronies are responsible for far worse atrocities than happened yesterday.

Because people in the UK and other less troubled countries are not used to seeing this barbarity on a daily basis, it does not mean that it is any less tragic or valid when it happens in some far off place.

Let us hope that the murder of Lee Rigby is not a total waste of yet another life and that people of the UK will finally wake up to the reality of bloody violence – wherever it occurs and whoever is responsible.

The fact that Cameron and his government are responsible in so many ways for what happened yesterday should drive home the need for the world to change, and this needs to start close to home.

Cameron referred to the assailants as ‘trying to divide us’. We are already divided.

Many of us see the truth and have had enough of the manipulation by Cameron and his government that has resulted in untold suffering and hardship to millions of HUMANS around the world.

It is time to rethink if we really want these manipulators and warmongers of the world to be in charge of what happens to us today, and in the future.

Deepest respect to Lee Rigby and deepest condolences to his family, and to every other member of humanity who has suffered at the hands of barbarity today.

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