US backed Israel steps up aggression towards Syria

Israeli vehicle seized in Syria

Israeli vehicle seized in Syria

Israeli aggression has mounted towards Syria this week, with three cross-border incidents where Israeli forces have opened fire on Syrian forces in the Syrian territory of Golan.

In another incident, Syria claims to have destroyed an Israeli military vehicle which crossed the ceasefire line and was moving towards the village of Bir Ajam which is located in the Syrian zone of the Golan Heights.

The Israeli government have denied the Syrian claims which were reported in the Israeli media and on Syrian television.

Fire from the conflict within Syria has intermittently struck Golan Heights, with Israel generally accepting these incidents as accidental. However, Israel has occasionally retaliated for the bullets and infrequent mortar shells entering the border territory, which they captured from Syria in 1967.

What is of concern is that Israel are deliberately mounting military operations in to Syrian territory without provocation.

Israel has yet to officially confirm that it is responsible for the airstrikes in May, even though it has been confirmed that Israeli aircraft were responsible.

Even so, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has claimed that he will stop the transfer of weaponry to Hezbollah and implied that Syria could be struck in the process. In a weekly cabinet meeting he said the government would “continue to act to ensure the security interests of the citizens of Israel,” and indicated that further airstrikes could be made.

Israel refused to confirm they were responsible for the airstrikes on Syria to prevent retaliation after reports that Syria had missiles pointed towards Tel Aviv in case of further Israeli aggression.

Syrian ‘rebels’ operate in the border territory close to Israel, and Israel has been suspected aiding them, although no substantive evidence has been provided of these claims so far.

There have been unconfirmed claims that rebel forces in Al Qseir, a strategic border town on the Northern Frontier of the Lebanon, have used the town as an entry point for foreign mercenaries and equipment.

The town was re-taken by Syrian government forces, and Syrian media claims Israeli military vehicles were seized which were used by the rebels.

According to SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency):

“A media source said that the seizure of an Israeli military vehicle which terrorists had been using in al-Qseir refutes the allegations made by Israel to justify its aggression on Syria and proves the scale of Israel’s military and intelligence involvements in the events in Syria.

The source said that the Israeli military support for the armed terrorist groups proves the involvement of Qatar, Turkey and Israel in the aggression on Syria which is waged through a single central operations room.

The source pointed out that the Israeli military support for terrorism in Syria proves once more that Israel was and still is adopting the policy of organized state terrorism, stressing that the world must act to confront this terrorism.

The source said that the questions raised by the seizure of the Israeli military vehicle and the surveillance and jamming equipment in al-Qseir show that the armed terrorist groups with all their different names are merely headlines for a single structure led by Israel, Qatar and Turkey.”

Russia has been a long term critic of the intervention by western nations in the Syrian conflict, especially the west’s apparent lack of interest in assisting with a diplomatic solution when so many opportunities have been available.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has expressed that his government has been willing to enter into talks – all of which have been rejected by the west.

The dogmatic support for the rebel forces (which include significant numbers of extremists, including al-Qaeda) by the west has also been the subject of intense criticism from around the world.

On the other hand, Russia has been criticised for supplying military equipment to the Syrian regime.

However, under international law a sovereign state is permitted to defend itself against internal or external attack – so the supplying of military equipment to Syria is legal.

What is not so legal under the same international law is the supply of military equipment to forces invading another sovereign state – something the western countries are engaging in.

It is also illegal to mount military operations into a sovereign state unless the state mounting the operation has been attacked first.

It seems that international law is being ignored on several levels. First by the intervention of foreign interests in a domestic conflict – which has been escalated by supplying military hardware and ‘mercenaries’ to the so-called rebels. Secondly by failing to make all effort to facilitate a diplomatic solution to Syria’s domestic problems. Thirdly, by allowing Israel to mount military operations against Syria without provocation.

IF Syria launches missiles against Israel after being attacked again, they will be perfectly within their rights under international law.

The psychotic warmongering of the Israeli Zionists only serves to make the region less stable, and inhibits any progress towards a peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict. It is about time the Zionist dog was put on a leash!

So far Syria has shown great restraint and not retaliated to highly provocative action – as has Iran. But both Syria and Iran are constantly being pushed into a position of having no other choice but to take action to protect their sovereignty – a highly desirable situation for the west, who can then make sure the region remain destabilised and move in to take control of the areas resources.

If the west had any intention of bringing peace to the Middle-East, the process could be started within a couple of days, and the de-escalation of conflict could take effect within weeks. But of course they won’t, because the only interest the west has is total domination of the region – and that is the only objective they are manipulating towards.

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3 thoughts on “US backed Israel steps up aggression towards Syria

    • The evidence is out there if you choose to find it – all part of the learning process.

      Probably best not to just rely on the government Bumbling Baboon Cronies as a source of information though.

      No Russian sources were used (or harmed) in the making of the article.

      • Yes apparently a wall can be viewed from both side and both description be totally different. So glad to hear no Russian were harmed lol. Good touch. Was beginning to believe RT was behind it

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