Stephen Hawking is RIGHT to boycott conference in Israel

hawkingThe decision of Stephen Hawking not to attend the Israeli Presidential Conference has attracted attention and criticism from around the world.

The pro-Israelis (and the pro-Israeli mainstream press) are calling his decision everything from ‘a shame’ to ‘outrageous and improper’, and the conference chairman, Israel Maimon, said that Hawking’s decision was ‘unjustifiable and wrong’.

As a world-leading physicist, Hawking seems to be being treated as a commodity rather than a human being by the academic organisations which have criticised his decision.

Something that Hawking’s decision shows is that he has a conscience, and his 71 years of being on this planet has taught him something about what is right and wrong with the world.

He has chosen to take a stand as a member of humanity against those who choose to use violence and oppression to achieve their selfish desires, and who continue to cause untold suffering to others.

So far, the Israeli government has taken no notice of international pressure to cease their aggressive, unprovoked warmongering and continue to pursue their own genocidal agenda, showing no interest in developing peaceful relations with their neighbours or the rest of the world, despite many opportunities to do so.

It takes men and women of conscience, such as Stephen Hawking, to send a clear message to the Zionist government of Israel that their policies and actions have no place in a modern world or in the future of humanity.

The Israeli government has proven that it is not capable of civilised interaction with the rest of the world, and continues in its primitive and barbaric methodology of force and domination.

There should be more boycotts affecting every aspect of Israel’s functioning – a total withdrawal of cooperation with the Zionist regime. Like an errant child, they need to learn that their behaviour is unacceptable and the benefits of the world’s resources will only become available to them when they start to demonstrate they have learned to behave acceptably.

A total boycott of Israel will affect the day-to-day lives of the Israeli people. This is needed so that pressure on the Zionist government also comes from within.

There are many, many people within Israel who constantly protest against the actions of the Zionist government, and whose voices are repressed and ignored. They need to be heard, and a total boycott of Israel may be the only way others within the country will start to take notice and listen to their brothers and sisters who know the truth.

The Israeli government has been given extraordinary leeway by the international community (especially the United States) which has only exacerbated the suffering of Israel’s victims.

In light of the international community failing to take the Israeli government to task over its actions, the only route left is for people who have a conscience, such as Hawking, to make it clear that the people of the world are no longer willing to accept the Israeli government’s dogmatic and destructive agenda.

High-profile people in all areas of life can make a difference by sending a clear message to the people of Israel that their government has crossed the line of acceptability.


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