IRAQ – The lies which started the Iraq war exposed in BBC Panorama documentary.

iraqspiesIn the BBC Panorama documentary, ‘The Spies Who Fooled the World’, journalist Peter Taylor exposes the lies that fuelled the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and tracks down those involved in the deception which has caused misery to millions.

Weapons of mass destruction never existed, and the intelligence on which the invasion was based on was an outright lie. Still, the US and USA pushed ahead with their plans knowing that the intelligence sources they were using to justify their actions were unreliable and unverified – something unheard of in the intelligence world, leaving many military and intelligence agencies astonished that the information formed the foundation to justify the invasion.

Both Bush and Blair ignored concerns expressed by their own intelligence agencies concerning the reliability of the two main pieces of intelligence provided by spies known as ‘Curveball’ (Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi) and ‘Red River’. Both French and German intelligence agencies informed the US and UK intelligence services of concerns over the validity of the information, and that the agents supplying the information has previously been dismissed (one of them 10 months earlier) as fabricators.

Even the UK’s Joint Intelligence Committee described the intelligence as “sporadic and patchy” and “remains limited”.

Despite the concerns of the CIA, MI6, the Joint Intelligence Committee, French Intelligence, German intelligence, and other advisors that the intelligence was from unreliable sources and flawed, Bush and Blair presented their case based on selective information, presenting the intelligence as fact and choosing to ignore clear warnings.

Later, Bush and Blair were to blame ‘intelligence failings’ even though they were well aware of the unreliability of the sources when they publically announced that the invasion of Iraq was to go ahead.

Since the flimsy and selective justification for the invasion of Iraq has been exposed, Blair continues to justify his war crimes by attempting to deflect questions and fabricating other ‘reasons’. In a recent interview with the BBC Blair said that if the Iraq invasion had not happened there would have been an uprising much worse than the current uprising in Syria. More smoke and mirrors from Blair.

Blair’s own deputy Prime Minister at the time, Lord Prescott, said in an interview last month that the invasion of Iraq “cannot be justified as an intervention” and that he thought the war was wrong.

As more information becomes available, the case against Bush and Blair as warmongers is strengthened. No matter how either attempt to justify it, the invasion of a sovereign state is contrary to international law and they are responsible.

Both of them had reliable information – and that information was that the intelligence they were using was unreliable. Even at the most basic level of intelligence gathering, nothing is considered to be true until it has been verified and checked through various channels, and both Bush and Blair would have been well aware of this.

The fact remains, the invasion of Iraq was an illegal act and Bush and Blair are responsible.

You can view the original documentary on the BBC iPlayer here, or watch the documentary below.


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