SYRIA – These are the ‘opposition’ animals YOUR tax money is paying for (video)

syriayellowmanWe hear a lot on the news about how horrifically the Syrian government treat their people, and the alleged atrocities of their despotic leader.

In an apparent effort to support the ‘revolution’ led by the Syrian opposition, the USA, UK, Arab League, and other nations are either supplying, or considering supplying, military aid to the opposition, even though the opposition is known to contain a high number of al-Qaeda extremists.

There is something much more shocking. The way the supposed opposition is terrorising ordinary peaceful Syrian people, subjecting them to violence, summary executions, and torture. But this is hardly ever reported in the mainstream news.

The day-to-day life of the Syrian people is no better at the hands of the Syrian opposition forces, being constantly subjected to bullying and humiliation.

In the town of Aleppo, and elderly man decided he would wear yellow in an attempt to bring some happiness to the people of the town, and became something of a local celebrity. The thugs of the Syrian Opposition decided he would be a good target for ridicule, and posted a video of them humiliating the elderly man on YouTube.

The original video with English subtitles was quickly removed by YouTube, who cited that the content “was designed to harass, bully, or threaten”.

You can view the video here, and make your own mind up as to whether these opposition forces really have peace and the wellbeing of Syrian people at the heart of their cause.

And don’t forget, it is YOUR tax money that is paying for these animals.

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