OPINION – Humanity needs devolve in order to release the ego state and move forwards to a new era


Sigmund Freud

There are so many people who are so busy and seem to have no time for anything, that their ability to make any real difference, or take any real action is severely limited.

The world is full of micro-societies that seem to live in their own version of the world, and rarely take notice of, or engage in, the world as a whole.

Even those who purport to want to change the way the world is maintain their protests and concerns within their own bubble, which only serves to self-perpetuate the perception of exclusivity within their group and their perceived exclusion by society as a whole.

Very few make the effort or develop their perceptions to encompass every opportunity to connect with those outside of their world. And yet that is the purpose – to connect with as many people as possible so they come together in one strong purpose. The young, old, all races, all members of social structures need to be included, not excluded.

So many organisations and people get caught up in the trap of ‘doing their own thing’ within their own peer group, and create the illusion of making vast changes, when in fact, they are only making changes within their own micro-society, or very minor changes to the world as a whole, many of which become diluted in time.

Many are still trapped in the ego state – perhaps not realising their entrapment – constantly looking for recognition and praise to fulfil their own cravings and wants. The ego is dismissive and prejudice, contrary to the objective of inclusion and change, however good intentions may be.

This is a problem with ‘groups’ – they are exclusive, almost like member’s clubs, where only the select are allowed entry, and where many are still perceived as ‘outsiders’ or as a threat to the objective.

In a society where selfish thought and mistrust have been nurtured and promoted, it can be hard for those with good intentions to realise their contribution to the system of control and separation. It is not enough to say ‘I am’, because that is the exclusive nature of the ego restricting possibilities.

Before embarking on changing the outside world we have to acknowledge who we truly are, and to face the demons of the ego and the restrictions and conflicts it creates within us. Only through a process of realisation can we free ourselves of our personal conflicts, those conflicts between our thoughts, deepest feelings, and the need to be noticed and wanted.

Many fear the reality of who they are, of the influence of the ego on their actions and interactions. They mask the truth of themselves and attempt change through externalisation, by joining clubs and causes that reinforce the ego but fail to connect them with the wider world and the possibilities of releasing themselves from the self.

Fear and insecurity exist in all societies, including the micro-society of groups. Fear of rejection, fear of ‘outsiders’, fear of being misunderstood, and fear of perceived power. The world is operated by keeping humanity in a fearful state so solace is sought in friendly environments where only those who are in keeping with the group dynamics are considered – all others are rejected.

The fear of difference of opinion, or the insecurity perceived thorough the questioning of the groups motives and objectives, or the underlying evidence supporting the groups objectives can render the group exclusive and further maintain the micro-societies self-perpetuation rather than reaching out and encompassing all humanity.

The fear of political correctness, where anyone who dares to utter something that someone else may find mildly offensive can result in public humiliation and perceived rejection, or worse, imprisonment or some other ‘official’ retribution.

This artificial environment of restriction has done nothing to allow humanity to evolve, and has only served to breed resentment which keeps humanity further separated and in a state of fear. Natural human interaction through conversation and considering differing viewpoints has faded into a bland soup of nothingness, where nothing of importance is discussed or challenged, where no one really learns that there are other viewpoints that may provide valuable information that will contribute to understanding the world we live in.

Some may say that extreme views need to be controlled and monitored. The problem is, what one person or micro-society may consider extreme may be a valid argument to another. It is only through the process of consideration and rational human interaction that alternatives can be considered by all sides to come to a valid conclusion. Any extreme view that is wholly unacceptable will become diluted and invalid, resulting in natural evolution, rather than humanity being maintained in a stagnant state imposed by the views of a few – which is the situation we see today in so many areas of human existence.

In many respects, humanity needs to take a few steps backward to a time when real human interaction could take place, and where real solutions to problems could be formulated and implemented.

In the modern world we have many tools that can help us in our quest for change. But these are only tools, and the outcome of using them depends on the input of those who wish to see change, and through the inclusion of all of humanity in the process.

The internet, email, Twitter, and so on are there to be used. Merely making a superficial statement or claim without the substance of change within oneself or the group has no foundation or meaning. If tools are used merely to communicate within the micro-society to appeal to ego, or used with their foundation in fear, they have no force to make any change at all.

Until people communicate with people in an open and honest way, coming from a foundation of looking at the self and making change first, and until groups become open to other groups and the world as a whole, we will always have groups separated by artificial, ego based agendas with no cohesion to make change happen.

True power to change comes from unity, and can only be based in truthful interaction. Humanity needs to re-learn to effectively communicate again in order to evolve into a new era.

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2 thoughts on “OPINION – Humanity needs devolve in order to release the ego state and move forwards to a new era

  1. Very brave of you – I am trying to get this across without sounding ‘inappropriate’ and non-community oriented – except I have researched hundreds of these organizations. Having encountered some of these groups myself, I wonder why with so many, not more is really being ‘done’.

    There are hundreds and thousands of ineffective ‘groups’. no idea where the money really goes – but more than anything, poll some of these people and you will find they do not know the company or group they are lobbying for, and some only go to support causes via hearsay.

    Give them a real life issue to solve in their immediate area, and they will opt out. I People like to feel like they are doing something, anything, and often to not research their causes. Thank you for your important post!

    • Thank you Carmen. It is important that we get away from the idea of the ‘individual’ and become a collective conciousness to be able to achieve true change. It sounds like you are in touch with reality which is very nice to hear.

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