POLITICS – Cameron still remains delusional in the face of a crushing defeat

Cameron-FarageFor some reason, Cameron appears amazed that the Conservatives suffered a crushing blow at the Eastleigh by-election in Hampshire, coming in third after the Liberal Democrats and the UK Independence Party.

Surprisingly, the Conservatives beat the Labour Party. Perhaps this is a sign that people have had enough of the mainstream political parties and their unacceptable performance in government.

In the face of defeat, Cameron said “It is a disappointing result for the Conservative Party, but it is clear that, in mid-term by-elections, people want to register a protest.”

In that he may be right, people are telling the government that their damaging policies and corruption have been exposed and people will no longer stand for the rubbish that comes out of politicians mouths.

Perhaps Cameron and his cronies should take notice and change their attitudes to people instead of treating them like economic slaves. But that would be hoping for far too much.

Cameron then went on to say “But I am confident that at the general election we can win those people back by demonstrating that we are delivering for everyone who wants to work hard and wants to get on. That is what we will be focused on.”

In other words, Cameron is not going to change anything at all, and has learned nothing from the Eastleigh by-election defeat. Instead, he is going to plough on with ineffective and damaging policies whatever the people of the UK want or think.

Unless the citizens of the UK accept economic slavery (“work hard”) to serve the needs of the wealthy and ‘old boy’s network’, there will be no place for them in Conservative’s vision of society. He knows damn well that his party no longer stands a chance of winning the next general election.

Cameron has come under attack from members of his own party, with Conservative MP, Douglas Carswell, saying there were “policy lessons” to be learned and questioned why the party was on a “long march of defeat”. He went on to say “I would like us to do far more to focus on the bread-and-butter issue of cost of living. I think living standards are declining. We talk about only a protest vote. One of the reasons why people feel inclined to protest is because they are hurting in their pocket.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said “The Conservatives’ problems are not because of UKIP; they are because of their leader.”

The fact is that this is the worse government the UK has had to endure for a long time. Perhaps people are waking up to their agenda, and are going to start to make a difference by taking notice of what is really going on – they need to!


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